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Broken and Haunted: In the Shadows

Sexual exploitation of young woman by powerful men is not a new phenomenon. It has been happening from time immemorial, you can find the roots in the bible with King Solomon and others. But with time and civilization there became a new order, a new set of rules, and guiding principles, a new understanding of […]

Will Charles Savarin subject Dominica to his second constitutional crisis?

In 1979, approximately six months after Dominica attained independence, and Patrick John became the head of Government, the country in her maiden state in the process of establishing the foundation necessary to build on, went through a constitutional crisis which lead to the appointment of O.J. Seraphin as the interim Prime minister. As history records: […]


by Dearmer Christmas INTERVIEW: Mel : Can you tell me your name and when did you start working with USAID? Dwight: So my name is Dwight Steen and I went to work for USAID in 1971. My first post and assignment was assigned to Borgata, Columbia. My area of expertise is agriculture. I did various […]

Nanthan Again ?

When Rosie Douglas was elected into office, Emmanuel Nanthan then a cooperative officer just abandoned his post and took up residence in the ministry, without any regard for the protocols of the public service. Several years later with the unfortunate passing of Rosie and Piero and with Skeret sitting in the Prime Minister’s office Nanthan […]


Magistrate Michael Bruney has thrown out the incitement case against Arthie Martin. The magistrate cited the lack of submission of evidence by the prosecution for throwing out the matter. The prosecution had been given up to October 14th to present the court with the evidence of incitement but after several delays and postponements the magistrate […]

Chinese Embassy Officials said “That’s another lie Roosevelt!

We all remember that other great lie of Roosevelt Skerrit, when he told us in December 2013 that he had gotten a loan of $300 M from China. Skerrit was accompanied to China to sign the deal by Hartley Henry, who was referred to as a ‘political advisor’ to Dominica, and Martin Charles (Chairman of […]