Under the Dragon – The Puppet Regime Of Skerrit and the Assault on Shop Keeper Sukie by the Chinese Traders

By a Proud Son of Castle Bruce not Lee

The disrespect and assault inflicted by Chinese shopkeepers on Dominican shop keeper Sukie Winston on June 2, 2021 was an outrage.

Sukie was harassed and assaulted on the public road in Roseau, Dominica. His own homeland.

Sukie Winston is a legendary Dominican businessman. Over the years he ran a shop, bakery and cooking gas business.

Sukie has also been a long time stalwart member and supporter of the Dominica Labour Party. That party was overthrown in a stealthy coup in 2004 and has since been replaced by the Skerrit led party of Deceit Lying and Propaganda (DLP).

It would appear that the Chinese traders believed Sukie stole an item from one of their shops.

Reared in a culture of racism and rough justice, the Chinese shop keepers have become a law unto themselves on Dominica.

Today, they do not wait on the police but take the law into their own hands. As a result many Dominicans have been assaulted by Chinese shopkeepers who now roam the land and savage our people with disrespect.

High on the power given to them by their puppet Premier Skerrit, Chinese now feel emboldened to put their hands on Dominicans at will.

They have roughed up men, women and children, Black and Kalinago, young and old.

In this instance, the Chinese placed their dictatorial hands on a much beloved member of our business community

These kinds of attacks would never take place where Chinese respected Dominicans. However, as Skerrit has shown himself a begging puppet of the Chinese Dragon they now have Dominicans under their feet.

Dominicans have never been shown the secret MOU between our country and the Chinese Dragon.

The Chinese have poured into our country building an infrastructure for themselves as they seek world domination.

China opposes the United States and any country which oppose their hegemony.

Poor Sukie is the latest victim of the fiery breath from the jaws of the Chinese Dragon. Who shall be next?

When shall proud Dominicans wake up in righteous indignation and take back our country from the scallywag and bobtail Skerrit regime?

When shall we redeem our best hopes by standing up to those who have made Dominica a wretched Chinese colony?

Dominicans, is our nation the isle of beauty anymore when foreigners walk on us like dogs?

How much do we owe China?

What did Skerrit offer China in return?

Are we to be a servile base, or footstool, for Chinese expansionism?

Are we now the Tibet of the Caribbean?

Dominicans, are we the nation of all for each, and each for all, where the ruling rascals eat all?

Dominicans, now is the time to rise up and take back our nation from those who sold us out into a new and sinister form of modern slavery.

Chinese people are proud people – often too much so.

Once colonized by the western nations, China has forgotten its past struggles for freedom and now seeks to colonize others – bending and bullying other nations to its will.

We are a small nation but we love liberty.

Bullying will not do for us.

We welcome Chinese friendship where honest and true but reject Chinese hegemony and the trampling on our people.

We want our relations with all nations to be based on mutual interest and mutual respect.

Such does not now exist with China and that sordid state of affairs must come to an end, now!

The Chinese in Dominica must learn to behave themselves.

The Chinese on Dominica must learn etiquette and polite behavior toward our people or take their baggage and go. They can take their puppet and his palaces with them too – as such has bred a culture of pestilential plunder in our once noble land

The Chinese would never allow foreigners into China to trample on them. Rightly so. Neither should we.

Coming events cast their shadow before them. We have seen the numerous signs of a nation betrayed time and time again by a government gone rogue.

Only slavery awaits us where we allow these events to continue.

The attack on Sukie, a humble man who rose in stature by dint of industrious effort, is a warning to all Dominicans of the fate that awaits any people inattentive to patriotic duty. We shall be dashed into the dungeon of a more macabre slavery by those who loathe our kind.

Down with the damnable Dragon and its minions.

Patriots, let us work to rid ourselves of the puppet regime that placed the domineering Dragon at our door.

Today it is Sukie. Tomorrow it is all of us, Dominican people, who will taste that bitter cup.

Ask not for whom the bell tolls, Dominica. It tolls not just for Sukie, it tolls for thee.

Dominicans, strive to be free!

Dominicans wake up and reclaim the fresh air of our liberty!

One thought on “Under the Dragon – The Puppet Regime Of Skerrit and the Assault on Shop Keeper Sukie by the Chinese Traders

  1. Dee says:

    Why are Dominicans still frequenting these Chinese owned businesses anyway? In my view, Dominicans ought to boycott all these Chinese places of business.

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