The Silver Lining to the Attack on Sukie by the Chinese Traders: Dominicans Must Buy Local

By Son of Bring Back the Milk, Honey and Toloma

Life teaches that every cloud has a silver lining. Without dark clouds pregnant with rain our island would be a harsh desert. So we give thanks for the rain that feeds our luxuriant foliage on Dominica.

As with the rains, the attack on Sukie must bring forth this silver lining:

Dominicans, buy local!

Midnight Groovers sang: Bring back the milk and honey.

Listen here:

So too we must bring back our culture of production, pride, cooperatives and banish cocaine dealers, lunatic leaders who loot and disrespectful traders.

Bring back our our local agriculture and banish the asinine behavior of our folk lining up at the Financial Center for a scary Crime Minister to dole out favors.

Bring back our local industry of soaps, bay oil, textiles, toloma, and citrus and banish the ideology of beggary now ruining our country.

Bring back the parish fairs and salute productivity of our citizenry and eradicate the lunacy that teaches that we must sell passports to survive.

Was Dominica not a better and more bountiful land before we became burdened by this plague of passport peddlers?

Like locusts, the passport peddlers have looted our land and our youth sit on the block in the idle stupor of unemployment, barren of any hope in our beloved island home.

The Chinese, by trying to jack up Sukie, with all the indignity they inflicted, have placed the mirror of truth before our faces.

What did that mirror reflect?

It reflects that nature abhors a vacuum. We have a beautiful island. It will be snatched from our hands if we fail to put the blessing of Dominica that God has given us to blessed use in way or production. Dominicans we must produce or perish .

What did the mirror reflect?

That one must never prostitute ones’ country. Prostitution never works. The prostitute gets screwed, with venereal disease a real risk. Dominica is being royally screwed by this reckless regime hell-bent on vending our birthright.

What did the mirror reveal?

That when a foreigner can trample upon you, in your own country, you have lost their respect. With loss of respect everything goes downhill from there.

What did the mirror reveal?

That we once had our own farms, our own shops our own proud country, with proud men and women. Sadly, we allowed an errant man-child with childish affectations for grandeur to sell our country.

What did the mirror reveal?

Oftentimes people must be given a kick in the butt to get a kick-start. The fact that Sukie Winston can be so shamed by Chinese traders in broad daylight means none of us are safe in this land where good people and good sense once ruled. Now we are given to robbers in high places and ruthless foreigners who shame us in the street.

Will that shame inspire us to salvage what is left of our dignity and patriotic ardor?

Will we now get serious, unite and network to rebuild our betrayed and wasted country?

To reclaim our rightful place let us commit to buy only at locally owned stores.

Let us stay away from those who would shame us and insult us in our own land.

Let the regime and its looters cuddle those who insult us, as they have. Their end will soon come. With their end we shall have a new birth of liberty.

Let us with pride, unite with locals and our worthy friends and do business with each other.

This is a time to support local farmers, manufacturers, builders, shops and our own people.

Let us rebuild our once thriving agriculture and industry.

Let us unite and strive for self sufficiency.

Let us see the silver lining in the shaming of Sukie.

Let us never despair, as it is darkest before the dawn.

Let us buy local and liberate our nation in so doing.

If Chinese can be proud owners of China, why betray pride in our Dominica by taking low? Let us show the pride that is our heritage.

Dominica for Dominicans!

Dominicans spend your money in local businesses that respect you.

Buy local now!








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