Down with the two justice system of Dominica

By the Neg MAWON 

Down with the two justice system of Dominica

In the Commonwealth of Dominica is now entrenched, a two tier justice system, one for the Labour party carbal and it’s acolytes, and another for the Parliamentary opposition and the Patriots.

In this two tier justice system former Prime ministers are dragged before the court, arrest warrants issued for them, opposition Leaders are subject to State sponsored foreign mercenery attacks, sitting Parliamentarians are kidnapped by Skerrit personal security detail and manicou gang while in their own Constituency and on the Public road.

While on the other hand in court matters where the government ministers and carbal loyalist are before the courts, security fences are erected on the perimeter of the court house, military style police in army fatigue is seen on every nook and cranny of the court precinct.

And so it is today the 13 day of May 2021, where King Roosevelt Skerrit and his colleagues will stand before the magistrate court to answer the charges of bribery and treating in the 2014 general Election in the Commonwealth of Dominica.

The Bayfront where the court is located is under lockdown, there is police security presence heavier than that of President Ladimir Putin’s security detail, the city of Roseau is tense, the banana Republic king is running scared and humiliated, and the people will yearn for overdue evasive justice.

And so in memory of the late Antoine Defoe who jointly with Mervin JnoBaptiste and Edingcot StValle takes on the political giants of the day, we remember Antoine Defoe the Biblical “David”a relentless soldier to the end….and so we dedicate this legal war to his memory, standing erect untill the bitter end, till Truth Justice and Righteousness is restored to this Blessed land …

Patriots let’s March to the City of Roseau today to demand Justice now…and Justice in the bribery and treating case

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