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The Silver Lining to the Attack on Sukie by the Chinese Traders: Dominicans Must Buy Local

By Son of Bring Back the Milk, Honey and Toloma Life teaches that every cloud has a silver lining. Without dark clouds pregnant with rain our island would be a harsh desert. So we give thanks for the rain that feeds our luxuriant foliage on Dominica. As with the rains, the attack on Sukie must […]

Under the Dragon – The Puppet Regime Of Skerrit and the Assault on Shop Keeper Sukie by the Chinese Traders

By a Proud Son of Castle Bruce not Lee The disrespect and assault inflicted by Chinese shopkeepers on Dominican shop keeper Sukie Winston on June 2, 2021 was an outrage. Sukie was harassed and assaulted on the public road in Roseau, Dominica. His own homeland. Sukie Winston is a legendary Dominican businessman. Over the years […]

The Parish Fair’s Importance To Rural Communities and National Survival

By Messrs Alwin Edward Loblack Napier Charles of St Alphonsus Parish Who remembers our culture of Koudmen – cooperative self help? Who remembers of flower shows? Who remembers the culture of village beautification projects and the pride that brought us? Who remembers Expo 1969 with its dozen of stalls showcasing the agricultural industrial bounty of […]

Down with the two justice system of Dominica

By the Neg MAWON  LET US HIT THE STREETS Down with the two justice system of Dominica In the Commonwealth of Dominica is now entrenched, a two tier justice system, one for the Labour party carbal and it’s acolytes, and another for the Parliamentary opposition and the Patriots. In this two tier justice system former […]

Twelve Symbols of the Societal Sickness Sown by Skerrit

By The Ghosts of Dominica’s Maroon Martyrs History teaches that people get the governments they deserve. It is also true that leaders craft the society in their own image. As of May 12, 2021 Roosevelt Skerrit is the longest serving leader in Dominica’s history. What is the society he has crafted in his image? 1. […]


  Dominica’s CBI program is popular and well known around the world. Unfortunately, under the DLP Administration, the program has a bad reputation for attracting notorious, nefarious, unsavory characters, and international crooks and criminals on the run from the law. For the most part, however, the program attracts decent people, who simply require second citizenship with a […]


In 2012, Shravan Gupta, the Managing Director of Emaar MGF appeared before the local Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) court of India in connection with a major scam. Since the CBI submitted its charge sheet in this case naming Gupta as an accused and charging him with causing loss to a public sector partner, he […]


The lawsuit filed by Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit against Dr. Thomson Fontaine was discussed in Part No.1 of an article entitled, “Does the Claimant-PM Skerrit want to negotiate a way out of his lawsuit against Dr. Fontaine while the case is frustrated with undue delay at the High Court?”[1] As reported in a story of […]

Paranoid Dominican Dictator

To the observant watching parliamentary proceedings on Monday 26th April 2021, quite apart from the diabolical theatre orchestrated by the speaker of the house who illegally, unjustifiably shut down the presentation of opposition Leader, preventing him from quoting established law and official records of parliament ” Hansard”, prompting observers to wish that former speaker Alix […]

The Crooked Byron Survey

by Emmanuel Allfrey Bala of Jaco Village The so called “esteemed” Judge Byron was appointed by Skerrit to make recommendations for electoral reform on Dominica. In our homeland impoverished by a dictatorship, he was given $500,000 for a job that was already accomplished by the Concerned Citizens Movement, the Parliamentary Opposition, other Dominican civil society […]