Chinese Embassy Officials said “That’s another lie Roosevelt!

We all remember that other great lie of Roosevelt Skerrit, when he told us in December 2013 that he had gotten a loan of $300 M from China. Skerrit was accompanied to China to sign the deal by Hartley Henry, who was referred to as a ‘political advisor’ to Dominica, and Martin Charles (Chairman of the AID Bank).

He gave the impression that the loan was from the Government of China, when in fact it was from  a company by the name of ASCG, spoke about “reconstruction of an international airport” among projects to be undertaken under the agreement. Other projects include a hotel to be built in Roseau estimated at US$70-million and construction of a new hospital. Now we ask whatever happened to that deal?

However the officials from the Chinese embassy had to come forward to disassociate the Government with this deal, and explain that whatever agreement that Roosevelt had with this private company had nothing to do with the Government of China!

Psychopath, lying, no shame, no guilt Roosevelt is at it again, giving the impression that he was getting more millions from China. He told the people of Dominica recently that China was going to build an international airport in Dominica which the officials of the Chinese embassy in an interview with Matt Peltier and other journalists during the month of September 2019 categorically denied.

According to the Chinese Embassy official, China has no agreement or has made no promise to Roosevelt Skerrit to build any airport in Dominica. He explained that China will not get involved in projects like airports in Dominica, since their policy is that they do not get involved in commercial projects such as airports in Dominica. They only participate in projects that directly benefit the people, such as schools, hospitals, roads, stadiums etc.

Roosevelt needs to stop lying and manipulating the people of Dominica, enough is enough! 


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