Nanthan Again ?

When Rosie Douglas was elected into office, Emmanuel Nanthan then a cooperative officer just abandoned his post and took up residence in the ministry, without any regard for the protocols of the public service.

Several years later with the unfortunate passing of Rosie and Piero and with Skeret sitting in the Prime Minister’s office Nanthan was again handpicked to manage the citizenship by investment program above  Senior public officers including close relatives who were well-qualified. The advertisement for the manager’s position stipulated that applicants should be the holders of a masters degree. So Nanthan having only completed PSS could not apply. Notwithstanding his lack of qualifications, he was given the job and from very early on there were issues.

We cannot forget the Fiasco when Nanthan in his attempt to defend abuse of the CBI and the famous my Dominica trade house matter could only refer to Monfared as “ Dato “ in his characteristic stammer, or “the gentleman”  when he felt comfortable enough that the stammer would not come.

Remember Trevor “Tossy” Johnson, broke the story of the convinction of  Alireza Zibahalat Monfared by the Courts in Iran, and his imprisonment of 20 years and a fine of $1.3B US Dollars.

Trevor also posted bank transfer documents showing that Monfared had wired over $220,000 US Dollars to the Portsmouth Service Station Limited of which Emmanuel Nanthan, his wife and ailing sister are Directors. To date, Emmanuel Nanthan has failed to dispute these claims. The documents show that the Portsmouth Service Station received the funds on the eve of the 2014 General Elections.

Two days ago, a whistleblower provided Customs documents showing that PassPro Immigration Services – Second Citizenship, a Dominica CBI agent, of Al Seyahi Street Office 501 Al Habtoor Business Tower – Dubai – United Arab Emirates, purchased from Jan Trading CO of Japan and shipped three (3) used vehicles to Dominica to Emmanuel Nanthan . One of these vehicles, a used Blue 1999 Toyota Pickup Chassis#RZN147-0017479 was allocated to the Dominica Labour Party Candidate for the Salibya Constituency, Cozier Frederick.

The other vehicles purchased by PassPro Immigration and exported to Nanthan are as follows:

  1. One Used Navy 1997 Toyota Hilux Pickup – Chassis#RZN147-0001620

  2. One Used Silver 2002 Toyota Hilux Pickup – Chassis#RZN169-0024889

Clearly Nanthan has no regard for the protocols of the Public Service and seem to think that he is above the law.Many Dominicans are now asking when will this end? Nanthan heads the CBI unit but is receiving vehicles from CBI agents. If this is not corruption then what is?

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