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More Victimization by the DLP

Sources within the police force are confirming that despite the comments from security Minister Rayburn Blackmore, police officers who protested for salary increases among other things are still being victimized. A message received from a police source point to the several  instances of discriminatory action being taken against those police officers. Below is the full […]


It was a rather sad sight last evening at the Dominica Labor Party gospel concert. The dictator Roosevelt Skerrit was raving mad. When the time came for him to speak he obviously went off script and was screaming at the top of his voice about the opposition party. He went on to accuse the opposition […]

Shirley Linton- Gracious, modest, humble, classy, reassuring and strong.

She does not dress in high end Gucci and Versace fashion, but she is simply elegant and radiant. She embodies grace. She gives us that calm, but dynamic reassurance. She speaks about her husband with confidence and pride, she glowed on the stage last night. She has been the pillar no doubt. It takes a […]

The Characteristics of the Leaders we need on Dominica Going Forward

By Dominica Patriots News Service Special Correspondent The leadership by idolatry and party colors practiced by the Roosevelt Skerrit regime have destroyed the Dominica we love. That is a hard and sad fact. The corrupt leadership Skerrit practices are as follows: 1. Destroy the work ethic 2. Bribe the masses and ministers 3. Corrupt the […]

The Honorable Lennox Linton addresses the Nation

The Honorable Lennox Linton the leader of the United Workers Party , the opposition party in Dominica addresses the nation in regards to the expose by Al Jazeera. He calls for further investigation into all the issues of corruption that was highlighted in that documentary .


I see no need to defend Lennox Linton, as I am certain he can do that himself adequately. It is indeed unfortunate that people you trust can betray that trust and get you in trouble. Lennox must learn from this experience and whether or not it destroys his chances of becoming Prime Minister, what we […]

Leader of the opposition in Dominica speaks

Two days before the Al Jazeera report about the selling of diplomatic passports by Caribbean islands , the prime minister of Dominica went on a damage control campaign. He went to his supporters in Dominica on a political platform to pretty much blame the leader of the opposition Lennox Linton. Since the explosive report by […]

The demons are dancing in Roosevelt’s head again? 

Remember the coup demons? On behalf of the diasporan branch of the “We the People Movement” I would like to respond to a clip I heard of Roosevelt and his dangerous anti- American rhetoric. All Dominicans living in America should be very concerned and worried about what this mad dictator is saying. He is putting […]

It’s the Diasporan Voters – Stupid!

On November 21st, Peter Wickham released a poll that he conducted on behalf of Roosevelt and the Labor party. He gave a general assumption that Roosevelt will win the election because he claimed 28% of the voters polled on the ground did not answer his question on, they will vote for so he assumed based […]

OAS Remarks on Elections in Dominica

Remarks by Deputy U.S. Permanent Representative Alexis F. Ludwig November 20, 2019 Madam Chair and OAS Ambassadors, the United States is very proud of the role of the OAS in promoting and protecting democracy and free and fair elections throughout the Hemisphere. We strongly believe, as stated in the OAS Charter, that democracy is the foundation […]