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NYC fires Paul Baron

DLP Operative Paul Baron was unceremoniously kicked out as President of the National Youth Council for his overt partisanship as president. The organization which represents young people from all walks of life has been a hunting ground for the DLP who provide the leaders of the organisation with perks to get them on board. Kelvar […]

Dominica: Why An Election in a Small Caribbean State Could Be Pivotal 

 Analysis. By GIS/Defense & Foreign Affairs in Roseau and Washington, DC.  Most governments allocate 95 percent of their intelligence budgets and attention, and 100 percent of their best thinkers to “the main target”: the threat which causes them most concern. Most governments, then, face “intelligence failures”, “black swan events”, and the lack of preparation for […]


The number of protesters in Dominica grew exponentially today Nov 18th. They marched through the city and up to the Neg Mawon statue . They encountered the usual barricade the police in military outfit had set up for 8 days now . The only difference was there were now hundreds of protesters. They stood at […]

Nept Pacquette commends the police for keeping the Black Maroons (Neg Mawon) Spirit Alive in Dominica.

Throughout the history of black people worldwide, the spirit of the Neg Mawon  has not forsaken us. That spirit has enabled our people to stand tall in periods of adversity and oppression. That spirit has informed and driven our conscience , and has enabled our people to stand strong against tyrants and dictators. That spirit […]

Why All Patriotic Dominicans Should Support The Concerned Citizens Movement

On the night of Saturday, October 19, 2019, I joined other patriotic Dominicans on the platform provided by the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) in speaking in favor of electoral reform and the preservation of Dominica’s democracy. It was only fitting and proper that we did so. We thank God for the work of CCM as […]

Are we losing our culture or national symbols?

This picture depicts a scene from Dominica during the 1700-1790 and it is credited to Agostino Brunias. Italian painter who lived in Dominica. Believed to be the ancestor of the Bruney Family in Dominica. Some argue that it is a relic of the colonial past, since it was inherited from the slave masters, they also […]