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Day of reckoning

Today December 6th 2019, will be considered the day of reckoning for Dominica. It is today that Dominicans will decide whether they doom their  country, or save it from dictatorship, lawlessness, crimes against the state and people of Dominica, or doom Dominica to a tyrannical rogue state which will not have legitimacy in the international […]


At around 3 AM this morning the Dictator Roosevelt Skerrit ordered over 100 police officers to descend on the village of Salisbury. They rained tear gas  in the entire village and women and children could be here screaming in the dark of the morning. Listen below to the clip of one of the villages who […]

Caribbean Diaspora aroused with show of discontent

Caribbean Diaspora aroused demonstrating discontent Ambassador Curtis A. Ward (04 December 2019) — Discontent within Caribbean diaspora communities is growing in intensity. To most governments in the region, peaceful demonstrations on the streets far removed from the homeland are viewed as non-threatening and inconsequential, thus easily ignored and dismissed. But they should take heed! What […]

Bishop Malzaire refused to talk to the people

Yesterday, his Lordship Bishop Malzaire was encountered by a few of his church members. It was an interesting scene. The people wanted to ask the bishop some questions regarding his role as leader of the Catholic Church in light of the political climate in Dominica. Apparently he did not answer. They accused him of being […]

What has New Chronicle Become?

“The media does play a vital role in our democracy, and if we cannot depend on journalistic ethics, the nation’s in trouble.” Dave Brat I Just read an article for one of our supposedly legitimate media outlets in Dominica, “The New Chronicle reporting on the Al Jazeera expose and I wept. Every person who knows […]

How we Reboot Dominica. – Rebuilding  Local Government & Building Community Development Corporations

Dominica is dwindling into nothingness and despair under this scary regime. To make real change we must work harder and smarter than ever before.  We must breakdown the stranglehold on initiative and  private enterprise which is the signature of this dictatorship. To empower our people and unleash their fullest potential, we must empower them by rebuilding […]

Waitu – Tech : How we Leap Frog Dominica to Sustainable Prosperity

By Dominica Patriot News Service Special Correspondent In 2018 the US owned and chartered Ross University Medical School left Dominica for Barbados under the watch of the Skerrit regime. Ross’ departure left a gaping hole in the foreign exchange architecture of our national economy. While it is right and proper to condemn the inept handling […]

Loftus Durand Speaks to the Region

On Wednesday , November 27th, 2019 the president of the Concerned Citizen Movement of Dominica appeared on popular Media show “ Early in the Morning with Jerry S. George”. The show is hosted by Jerry S. George out of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Loftus Durand and his group has been pushing for electoral reform […]


Today at the national stadium the Catholic Bishop , Mr Malzaire finally broke his silence. It was a very well received speech and the crowd was obviously moved by the extent of their clapping. Mr Malzaire has come under fire many times for his silence when it comes to several  issues in Dominica where other […]