Caribbean Diaspora aroused with show of discontent

Caribbean Diaspora aroused demonstrating discontent

Ambassador Curtis A. Ward

(04 December 2019) — Discontent within Caribbean diaspora communities is growing in intensity. To most governments in the region, peaceful demonstrations on the streets far removed from the homeland are viewed as non-threatening and inconsequential, thus easily ignored and dismissed. But they should take heed! What they see is only the tip of the iceberg.

Traditionally, diaspora’s passionate patriotism has been channeled through individual and collective contributions to nation building. With few exceptions, diaspora communities have been silent, ignoring the lack of good governance, rule of law, corruption, human rights violations, and lack of citizen security, regardless of political party in power at any given time. Diaspora members, watching from a distance, found ways to contribute to their homelands in spite of bureaucratic and prejudicial obstacles. While a few have engaged in advocacy, both with home governments and with succeeding U.S. governments, attempts to speak with a unified voice have been stymied in part due to lack of broad effective and focused mechanisms within the diaspora.


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