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Herbert does not like a dose of his own medicine.

Sometime between 2015-2016, a man surfaced in the politics of Dominica, he can with a vengeance in support of Roosevelt, and with brutal attacks on the opposition, especially Lennox Linton who he hardly knew anything about. He was unknown and unheard of in Dominica before then. What got this man’s interest in Dominica after being […]

Francine still insists there will be no electoral reform in Dominica

Not over my dead body! Diplomacy entails influencing the decisions and conduct of foreign governments and officials through dialogue, negotiation, and other nonviolent means.Diplomacy is the main instrument of Foreign policy, which consists of the broader goals and strategies that guide a state’s interactions with the rest of the world. Did someone whisper that in […]


After Francine delivered the package of lies that Tony Astaphan sent her to the OAS armed with, the United States Representative responds, and this is what he said: “Thank you, Madam President and OAS Ambassador, the United States Welcomes the Foreign Minister Baron to the permanent council, and thank you for addressing these important issues, […]

Was this Roosevelt’s last Salvo? Hopefully so

On Tuesday November 19 th 2019 Roosevelt addressed the nation after his police officers violently attacked unarmed Dominicans who were protesting for electoral reform. This demand has been denied to them for eleven years and three election cycles. Roosevelt,  ordered by his advisor Tony Astaphan has been in defiance of the people’s request because, as […]


SALISBURY IS STANDING Tonight one of the most resilient communities in Dominica has decided to take a stand again . They have joined the call to stand against the corrupt regime of Roosevelt Skerrit . The Bawi people have been deliberately penalized by the DLP government.  


The Dominican patriots continue to stand all through the night in front of the police barricade . This morning , officers again attempted to move one of the protestors laying in the street . The people gathered and stood against the police and they had no choice but to back off . The people have […]

Broken and Haunted: In the Shadows

Sexual exploitation of young woman by powerful men is not a new phenomenon. It has been happening from time immemorial, you can find the roots in the bible with King Solomon and others. But with time and civilization there became a new order, a new set of rules, and guiding principles, a new understanding of […]


BREAKING NEWS… In October 2017, Dowlin Alexander was charged and the sum of approximately EC$180,000.00 in various currencies (US, EUROS and Pounds Sterling) was confiscated by the State. Since then, the matter has been in Court for forfeiture hearing. Before the matter came up for hearing in 2018, threats were made to the local Prosecutor […]

Not Even a Grapefruit Tree I See in Grand Bay

By Gavin the Constant Gardener I just came back from Dominica. It broke my heart, with the darkness I saw in the land. Young men, listless, sitting down smoking weed. Doing nothing. They are broken men and women in Grand Bay and around the country after 15 years of Skerrit.  The handout heaven created by […]

Stay Well Preparing for Prosperity

Dominica’s glory days lie ahead – and you want to be part of it! Nothing breaks my heart more than regularly bidding farewell to patriots who never lived to see the redemption of the native land. Here’s what you want I can do to change this narrative. Accidents happen. But even those can be scientifically […]