They took me into the Lions den, they roughed me up

By Danny Lugay

They took me into the Lions den, they roughed me up…held me by the back of my pants…they shoved me into a private vehicle..and drove me into the Lions den “police headquarters”

Guns were drawn.. shotgun…two police officers were assigned to hold me hostage Delroy Julien was one of the officers…he in particular was very rude and tried to intimidate… but he have no idea who he is dealing with… Royalty “KINGS KID”
He attempted to take my phone away I defied him,.

He is one who would shoot to kill at Skerrit s command

The senior officer who assaulted, manhandled, pulled me out of my vehicle and shoved me into the private vehicle goes by the name of Sebastian

But kings kid had the backup of prayer local and international…

When my Lawyer arrived ..David Bruney…he asked the investigating officers who included Sebastian the arresting officer Is Danny under arrest…he began mubbleing and jumbling…they obviously could NOT answer that simple question.

Whereupon my Lawyer David Bruney said Danny let’s go and we calmly and confidently walked out of the CID Department.

It was out of the mouth of the Lion God had answered prayers to confuse the Skerrit goons….

Don’t you play with KINGS KID…
But this is by no means over… Lawsuits are coming…all you misfits and Tor tor ma coot… Lawsuit are coming…you came for my eyes…I go for your jugular

God is watching the evil players behind the scenes… manipulating these block head Tor tor ma coot…you too WILL BE SMOKED OUT



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