Was Steve Astaphan’s Human Right violated?

Steve Astaphan wasn’t driving to show anyone Skerrit’s mansion as was previously being stated . Steve was at his home doing some work in his yard with a guy that works for him and the guy’s girlfriend was also there. When he was done in his yard he drove out of his house to drop the guy and last home. As they were driving by, he simply paused on the main road to show the guy where the mansion was and skerrit drives by at the same time. He rolls down the window and asks Steve what he is doing. Steve says he is doing nothing. He is in his neighborhood.
Skerrit asks “ do you have something to tell me?”

Steve has had a real problem with the bamboo planted right up against skerrit’s wall. The dry leaves have been causing a real mess in Steve’s yard and his pool etc. so he told skerrit actually yes / this is what has been happening. Skerrit’s literally tells the man to Fuck Off. The police comes out and said you are now a threat to the prime minister and he needs to get out of the vehicle. At this point Steve gets out and strips down to his boxers saying how can he be a threat to the PM? And right in front of Skerrit, the police gives Steve two punches in his face and proceeds to punch him in the belly and kick him. The police slaps the employee (who was a bystander) with 2 slaps to his face and they put Steve, the guy, and lady in the vehicle. The police  drove Steve’s own vehicle to police station. Steve’s wife heard that something happened to Steve but she didn’t know what so she  and his family and friends start searching everywhere for Steve. They eventually went to the police station. The police told them he is not there. They then went searching again and come back to police station and ask again for Steve and they again said he was not there. Eventually an insider gives family a hint that they have him upstairs. The family and friends went back there making a showdown. Eventually, 2.5 hours later – when the lawyer came, they released Steve and the family then took him to hospital.
While Skerrit was exchanging words with Steve on the road, Lennox and Danny Lugay happened to be driving by and they noticed something was wrong so they circled back around but by time they came back they had just gone down with Steve to police station. This is when they stopped Lugay and pulled him out of his car as well.


One thought on “Was Steve Astaphan’s Human Right violated?

  1. Christian Volney says:

    Dominicans need to take their Country back from this Borat called Roosevelt Skeritt!
    The Country is both ‘Morally & Financially’ Bankrupt and the unravelling from the seems are apparent!
    Desperation has set in and it is showing…

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