A Tribute to a Greedy Speaker.


You who were once considered the people’s champion and called with conviction for Prime Minister Skerrit to go

You who said that Prime Minister Skerrit was mounting a dictatorship in this land

You who suck on an adult size pacifier in your deceitful mouth and a greedy man’s pacifier in your wallet

You who have sold out the oppressed and shacked of this land

May the spoils of bribery and your greed vanish before you….the destiny and fulfilment of all ill gotten gains

And may the property and wealth of ordinary Dominicans, the birthright and belonging of our citizens which was stolen from the proceeds of our Dominican passports…

May your greed and lust for vanity of vanities burn up in a heap of disgrace

May your ill gotten gain be scattered and rot on the dung – hill of shame and disgrace, until all Dominicans are liberated from this reign of hungry hyennas.

By Hon Daniel Lugay

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