Skerrit the Capo dei Capi and Austrie his Singing Bird

Capo dei capi or capo di tutti or Godfather are terms used mainly by the media, public and law enforcement community to indicate a supremely powerful crime boss in the Sicilian or American Mafia who holds great influence over the whole organization.

We now have incontrovertible proof that Skerrit is the Capo dei Capi of the Dominica regime. He has reduced the Government of Dominica to a mob, his ministers are mere minions and Austrie is his singing bird.

How so?

In a tape recording Reginald Austrie (aired on Q95 Radio in the first week of April 7 2021) otherwise known as the regime’s rotterweiler or bulldog of the regime- disclosed the following:

1. Minister of Labour Blackmore beats women

2. Minister of Labour and security Blackmore cheats on his wife and has a girl friend who cheats on him. Hence, his anger.

3. Minister of Labour and Security Blackmore has bought a house for his girlfriend

4. Minister of Labour and Security Blackmore sends policemen to spy on his girlfriend.

5. According to Austrie “all of us in cabinet are defending Blackmore” against the allegations.

What do these revelations by Austrie, the song bird of the regime reveal?

1. It reveals that we no longer have a legitimate government in Dominica but a gang that circles the wagon to protect their plunder of the public purse and the mockery of any sense of morality.

2. That the gang are a bunch of two-timing men and women who cheat both their wives and the nation

3. That the police service is now reduced to a nest of spies to spy on girlfriends of ministers and otherwise do their bidding, in most lawless fashion.

4. That instead of discussing the parlous state of our economy, a stimulus package to aid stressed out Dominicans, or how to stimulate trade and industry the cabinet is busy discussing how to defend a rogue minister who commits the abuse of women and uses the police service to spy on citizens.

5. The gang has taken an oath of silence to protect each other in their skullduggery – instead of abiding by their oath to honestly serve the nation without fear or favor.

The gang is presided over by the Supreme Scary One, Dominica’s Capo dei Capi.

Today, we do not have a lawful government in Dominica but a gang intent on protecting their behinds from the righteous wrath of an increasingly aware and outraged citizenry. The whole world is watching and none shall escape.

To guard against the rising tide of indignation the Capo dei Capi lurks within his palace on the hill. He has built a $700,000 version of the Berlin Wall to encircle his mansion, with machine gun toting guards from the increasingly disgraced police service to guard him from his own people. Why is he scared of our unarmed people?

Is it any mystery that guns with silencers are found in our ports with increasing regularity? The Capo dei Capi’s own wife is in on the game, once stating in public her admiration for “my Navy Seals, my snipers.” Really Melissa? Out of her mouth, the overdressed and designer haute couture fanatic aka Melissa Mama Doc, came great truths.

Haunted as they are by the ghosts of betrayed Prime Ministers Rosie Douglas and Pierre Charles who both went to their early deaths under heavy pressure from their own cabinet, they cannot help but to tell on each other and tell on themselves. Dominicans in French patois call such a thing to “Dayparlay.”

But this is not to be unexpected. When you run with dogs you catch fleas. You can tell a personal by the company he or she keeps.

And who is Capo dei Capi’s company?

1. Ali Reza Monfared – Iranian gangster, money launderer and thief. The man who Skerrit had hiding in Dominica and whose associate told Al Jazeera TV that Skerrit and his gang were a bunch of hungry hyenas. Skerrit had him as an ambassador. He was arrested by Interpol.

2. Ng Lap Seng – Chinese mobster, money launderer and Black Dragon Society leader. The man with whom Skerrit cut the infamous cake of corruption in Macau while Tropical Storm Erica was flooding Dominica. Skerrit had him as an ambassador. He was arrested by the FBI.

3. Former Nigeria Minister of Oil Allison Madueke – The biggest thief in the history of Nigerian government who stole billions. Skerrit appointed her an ambassador of Dominica. She was arrested by Scotland Yard.

The above three are just some – not all – of the allies, enablers and agents of the gangsters in government in our beloved homeland.

Today, we ask all honest and law abiding Dominican men, women, and children to distance themselves from this disgraceful state of affairs. Disclose their secrets to the resistance. Tell the resistance within the police service where they are hiding the money. Know that many police men and women support the resistance and are working for the cause of liberty. Aid the honest officers and show them the right path, as we prepare for our Dominica liberation day when the regime falls.

Embrace our befuddled Labour Party neighbors and educate them away from being part the failed regime. Let them know the Labour Party of LeBlanc, Mike, Rosie and Pierro is no more. That party was overthrown in a sinister power-grab by the Capo dei Capi himself. Looted of its legendary work in the public interest the Labour Party has been shamelessly transformed into what is now the Dominica Looters Party led by a gangster and his pals. Save Dominica from the looters! Let all patriots gather to save Dominica’s good name.

Let us not forget the sad history of Haiti. Born on the throne of liberty loving struggle by the enslaved, Haiti succumbed to the gangsterism of plunderers and looters like Papa Doc, Baby Doc and Mama Doc. Today, Haiti is ruined because too many Haitians believed in sorcery and devilish nonsense and allowed their country to descend into a den of inequity. They too fell under the sway of crooked priests and nuns, just as in Dominica, who preached that their Doc was a God. Skerrit, following the Docs example, has two doctorates. He has surpassed his teachers in crime. He has a double Phd: One in Plunder-mania, and another in Pilfering.

Today, Haitians run to Dominica for salvation where the regime cheats them, exploits them, uses them to pervert elections and traffics in their misery to make money.

Dominicans, do not allow the gangster ideology of Papa Doc, Baby Doc and Mama Doc that killed Haitian liberty and progress to kill Dominica.

Let us condemn the Capo dei Capi and his cabal of gangsters to purgatory.

Let us eradicate gangsterism from our once beautiful island, turned ugly by those who grow fat by sucking her lifeblood.

Dominicans, rise up and let us be rid of gangster’s in government garb.


Save Dominica now!

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