Exposing the Hitler – like machinations of Dominica’s Gestapo and Dominica’s Hitler.

Insecure with his ill gotten millions, Dominica’s illegal Captain is adopting from Hitler’s playbook, some serious intimidatory tactics to all the known and perceived opposition, in a bid to send a message to the masses that Skerrit must be left alone.

He dragged former Prime minister Edison James before the courts, in a futile mission to silence the talking heads of the United Workers Party UWP

Then came the bogus “attempted coup” /Incitement charges against Lennox Linton, Nicholas George, Joseph Isaac…” then a member of the UWP, but charges dropped as soon as he crossed the floor ” so too Dr. Thompson Fontaine – unable to visit his homeland due to an arrest warrant hanging over his head.

This sinister Ton ton Macoot gang, carefully handpicked by Skerrit, he has illegally installed commissioner after commissioner who has the propensity to obey his every diabolic order, to intimidate, arrest, harass any semblance of opposition whether elected parliamentarian or ordinary Joe Blow.

And so ahead of the 2019 general election the commander of the Ton ton Macoot gang hired two British mercenaries to plant evidence at Mr Linton’s home in Morne Daniel.

Secretly picked up by Mr Linton’s hidden camera’s these British thugs were facillitated by police officers of the Dominica Police Service….on a mission to kill if necessary, but to criminally implicate ahead of the 2019 election.

The plan was foiled and exposed on a big screen in the Capital city of Roseau by Mr Linton, seen by thousands of Dominicans.

Mr Linton then gave that dossier of solid video evidence to the compromised police hierarchy , but alas these Gestapo, this mongoose gang did nothing. This case was dead on arrival.

Then they came for the elected member of Roseau North…who was at the time driving in his Constituency, in his private vehicle, on the public road, in the company of Opposition leader Lennox Linton and Oliver Walsh.
He too was kidnapped by the mongoose gang.

Before that, on December 5th 2019, one day before the 2019 general election Skerrit was able to convince the Regional Security Service (RSS) and it’s conniving Prime Ministers Motley, Gonzalves, Brown et al to send their forces to perpetrate and install on the Dominican people by the magazine of their RSS guns, to institute a classical political coup on the people of Dominica.

And to maintain his stolen election legacy, he flew in thousands of diasporans from far and wide on chattered jets, with police hidden in the bushes surrounding Melville Hall Airport…an election stolen by the magazine of the RSS guns

Insecure with the knowledge of thrice stolen general elections in Dominica, Skerrit now adopts gestapo tactics, using his brainless, Ton ton Macoot gang to video record every meeting, whether political, business or casual where ordinary Dominicans are singled out, recorded, marked and hounded by the blood thirsty goons of Skerrit, arrested, beaten, shackled and taken away by the brainless and obedient killers of the gestapo.

So when you see the men of Moun Sewye picked up…Buju his Mom and all the rest, when you see Mystellics and Jowanza arrested …it’s not a random arrest, this is a carefully planned and executed work of the gestapo, based on hours of reviewed video and audio tape, of up and coming influencial leaders, picked up by police cameras that we see at every activity and every meeting.

When you hear of murders in police cells in Roseau…Kerwin Prosper or Joshua Ettiene in Portsmouth, when you hear of extra judicial killings in Fond Cole…young Byron Etienne …it is the work of the Ton ton Macoot

When you see bus drivers mercilessly beaten by the goon squad in Canefield Hezron…it’s because you were previously marked and identified as a “troublemaker”…but don’t be intimidated…” Resist the Devil and he will flee from you”

So how do we fight this ..??
The ordinary patriot must now turn the cameras and cell phones on the goons of Skerrit…

Everywhere you go and see police brutality record it, highlight it, make it go viral…get the names and faces of the abusers …put there names and faces in BOLD on facebook, u tube, and all the social platforms…let’s NAME & SHAME them..

And let’s report them to human rights watch, the American Embassy, United Nations and to all the International Organizations interested in human rights abuse.

And yes we will also institute Lawsuits on them…MAKE THEM PAY $$$$$$….

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