My only Messiah

Written by Hon. Daniel Lugay

To those who claim Messianic status, go rewrite history to reflect the ushering- in of this world altering time and era forever recorded as BEFORE CHRIST and AFTER CHRIST.

In the book of all books “THE BIBLE” there is recorded a time altering event of Noah’s flood before and after. Many people perished then, this was a World altering event.

After the entry of Christ on earth history and time recorded a major calendar altering event.

To those who claim Messianic status go change the times to reflect your world altering status.

The Messiah turned water into wine, lectured and put to shame senior religious scholars of his day, he healed every disease brought before him and raised the dead.

Religious establishment of the day plotted, sought and succeeded to put him to death for his claim to be Messiah. But unknown to them this was all in the greater and masterplan to save mankind.

So to others who claim Messianic status, go alter the times to reflect your global status as the Christ did.

History records a time 2000 years before Christ, BC and now 2000 years after Christ AD, forever changing all calenders of the world so that whether you are in India, China, Europe , Africa or the middle East, whether you are Athiest , Agnostic, Jew or Gentile your calendar will indicate a time marked by the triumphant entry of Messiah the Christ some 2000 plus years ago.

So go get all calenders of all nations and you will confirm my assertion that the entry of Christ was so significant , so World and time altering… enough to usher in a new age, time and era for all of mankind.

All nations and all tribes recognized that time recorded as before Christ and after Christ- BC and AD.

So to the imitators of this world altering Messiah, go mark your world altering entry with your own name, ushering in a new era and a new time and dispensation.

Please forgive me for saying…that I do not see on any calender before Budha and after Budha, I do not see on any calender before Hari Chrishna and after Hari Chrishna, I do not see on any calender before and after Muhammed, I do not see any calender reflect before or after Bahawla.

BUT I do see recorded in the Bible the triumphant entry of Christ into this world, his teaching confounding grown scholars and learned men, his death, burial and resurrection and his promised return for those who believe and trust in him.

So to those who claim Messianic status, go change the times as Christ the Messiah did from BC to AD..let the new history books record the life altering event of your New Messiah, and let him begin that time altering era where the whole world will mark the ushering – in of a new era with a new calendar and the name of a new Messiah.

But as for me, until such time, I will remain steadfast with my belief in my Messiah who changed the times from Before Christ to After Christ, BC to AD
He still changes lives today, 2000 plus years later, he healed the sick and is still in the healing business, he raised the dead and today challenges all men to be better human beings and in the process ushered in a new time, a new era, and a new hope for mankind.

So when you find a new Messiah of World and time altering magnitude as Christ was, let me know his name and let history and a new calendar record the ushering – in of that Messiah as “The Christ” impacted time and the entire World with his glorious and triumphant entry, his shameful death and his brilliant resurrection .


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