A Dysfunctional Parliament

By Hon Daniel Lugay

Before Covid 19 the average sittings of Dominica’s parliament per year was (3)

Three times for God sake..

After the ravages of Erica and Maria, sittings were even less.

Then came Covid 19, a time of Dominica’s greatest need, when Parliament should be meeting fortnightly, Skerrit is sidelining parliament.

In Barbados for the year so far PARLIAMENT has convened no less than (8) times and (24) sittings in 2019

So the question is Why is Skerrit avoiding parliament ??

Why can’t opposition members questions be entertained and answered in parliament

Why is the people’s business a state secret, hidden, and a private affair

Why is the people,s money and the accounting of it, such a mystery in Dominica ??

Why are our Permanent secretaries, financial secretary, Auditor general, unable or unwilling to account to the people of Dominica…where are Dominica’s professionals??

Why has Skerrit refused to account for the $1.2 billion of passport sales as uncovered in the 2018 / 2019 budget by Hon Linton

We the people of Dominica see and hear from Mia Motley, Dr Timothy Harris, Allan Chasteney, Dr Rowley of Trinidad and all other Caribbean leaders.

Their live sittings of parliament is public business, where plans, programs, stimulus package is presented and debated in their parliament.

What is wrong with us in Dominica, and most importantly what are we going to do about it ??

This country is a model of confusion and illegality….Mr Glenroy Cuffy rightly calls it organized chaos

It began that way when Roosevelt Skerrit and others in the labour party entered politics holding dual citizenship a clear violation of electoral rules and Dominican law.

Multiple Presidents, chiefs of police, chairmen of various boards including the electoral commission’ s appointments were done contrary to Dominican law

Where the Constitution required consultation with the leader of the opposition for key appointment even that too is repeatedly violated

The question for Dominicans is what are we going to do about it ??

If you ask me…I have had more than enough of it

If you ask me I’d say that we should begin mobilization at a community and Constituency level in every nook and cranny of Dominica for a maximum and complete shut down of this illegal, dishonest dictatorship.

Yes I’m calling for revolution in the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Under the blanket and cover of Covid 19, Skerrit is cementing a dictatorship where he rules by decree, not even cabinet seems to be functioning and we must call a halt to this before it is too late

Skerrit apparently has wasted and spent the airport reserve fund, more than $400 million to buy an election. If this is not the case, why can’t we have a stimulus package??

Skerrit seems to have also wasted the $100 million Petra caribe forgiven debt

The $1.2 billion of our passport housing fund held by Montreal management , it seems Skerrit has no control nor authority, nor ability to recall and redirect these funds in the face of Dominica’s greatest economic challenge in 100 years.

There is an unseen Authority more powerful than Prime minister Skerrit, more powerful than Cabinet, more powerful than PARLIAMENT.

This authority is holding Skerrit and the whole country to ransom, this authority has billions of passport dollars at it’s disposal and Skerrit is powerless to tame that BEAST and we must stop it NOW OR NEVER…

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