Is Dominica a military state ?

Dating back to hurricane Maria and even tropical storm Erica if my memory serves me right, it seems Dominica has permanently transitioned into a military state.

Ordinary traffic duty, road patrols, security near Roseau market, city patrol, every duty of Dominica’s Police force is now conducted in full military attire or what the army calls camouflage attire.

What is going on in the Commonwealth of Dominica. Are we transitioning or have we already transitioned into a Chavez / Castro type communist state.

Months ahead of the 2019 general election in the Commonwealth of Dominica, we saw a heightened state of submachine gunned, military police/ soldiers in full military attire in every meeting, rally, or gathering of the United Workers Party…clear intimidation tactics and machinations of a wanna be dictator.

Today election is long gone, but the military hardware, submachine guns, green army vehicles from China, camouflage attire, is the new reality of life under wanna be dictator Skerrit.

Intimidation of ordinary citizens continue, after the December 6th 2019 military offensive against a fast asleep village of Salisbury.

It was live bullets, and tear gas raining down on an unsuspecting fast asleep community

A message to Salisbury and moreso to the rest of Dominica that we will crush you, we will kill you in order to keep Dominica’s dictator in office, ably assisted by the Regional security forces in full military and battle gear.

Dominicans have you fallen in deep sleep or in a drunken stupor, while your leader marches on to full blown dictatorship, chipping away at your every right, while your snoring is heard by your grandchildren. I hope they never forgive you for failing them

By Hon Daniel Lugay

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