Skerrit is provoking civil war in Dominica.

Dominicans have sat by passive, blinded to the evolution of a despot preoccupied with hoarding his millions and preserving his election legacy.

In 2015 Dominica was struck by Tropical storm Erica a devastation unseen before by way of water damage in the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Unlike David, the category five storm of 1979, all Dominicans received assistance regardless of color creed ethnicity or political affiliation.

But not Skerrit’s labour party. All assistance was given along party lines…it was greed on steroids.

Two years later as if God was saying..”I am the Almighty fear me only” but the Dominican Pharoah had other machinations on his mind …it was campaign style distribution 24/7…365…non labour party supporters were left to languish under their torn up tarpaulins three years later save for a few who were subjected to election bribes..”building materials for votes” ahead of the 2019 general election.

Then came Covid 19, the biggest epidemic known to planet Earth in the past 100 years and certainly in any living human being memory.

And even with this major global pandemic and distabilizing event, Skerrit is still discriminating, telling non labourites, that we do not belong…he will starve us…he will not assist us…he will not use our tax dollars and passport dollars to assist us.

Billions is missing from our treasury, passport Zars have diverted our money to private accounts contrary to legal and parliamentary authorization.

And Skerrit is telling us go to hell…it’s non of our damn business what he does with and where he hides the people’s money.

I am now convinced that after the blatant robbery of the 2019 general election in Dominica, ably facilitated by the Regional security forces who shot and spilled the blood of Dominicans in Salisbury on the morning of December 6th 2019,
I am fully persuaded that Skerrit is provoking civil war in the Commonwealth of Dominica.

What manner of leader will know that people are hungry, jobless, under curfew for more than two months, and only extend scraps to his supporters via the Red labour house in Roseau, while the vast majority of Dominicans are denied.

Skerrit is provoking civil war…a hungry and angry man is not gonna take your provocation for much longer Skerrit.

You flash your ill gotten mansions , villas and expensive luxury cars in our faces, our passport money is used as a whip on our backs, passport agents and imposters are purchasing from you and for you every square inch of government and private lands and property in the city and near our ports… nothing is left for the ordinary citizens, nothing is left for community and national development.

Skerrit you are setting the stage for civil war. This greed on steroids is blinding you, you have lost all respect, and an even greedier bunch surround you.

Skerrit the civil war you are provoking, you will not be able to contain it.

Like Noah of old, I am giving prophetic warning to a heartless dictator who hates seeking parliamentary approval for his every machination…

I am giving you your final warning that your provocation of civil war in Dominica, will be your own doing and you will claim full responsibility

Using “the whip” of our very own tax payers money, passport money and IMF burrowed money to play your cheap party favoritism will be your final curtain.

By Hon Daniel Lugay

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