Paranoid Dominican Dictator

To the observant watching parliamentary proceedings on Monday 26th April 2021, quite apart from the diabolical theatre orchestrated by the speaker of the house who illegally, unjustifiably shut down the presentation of opposition Leader, preventing him from quoting established law and official records of parliament ” Hansard”, prompting observers to wish that former speaker Alix Boyd Knights be immediately returned as speaker, as outrageous and biased as she was…at least she was able to interpret law.

But this is not the subject of reporting today.

So paranoid has become the Dominican Dictator, that even the inner sanctuary of the chamber of Parliament has become more heavily guarded than President Putin’s personal security detail

This paranoia was manifested on Monday 26th April 2021 at the ” People’s parliament House of Assembly” in the Commonwealth of DOMINICA, when heavily armed members of Prime Minister Skerrit official security detail, for the first time ever in Dominica’s political history, plain clothes armed officers actually sat in the seats in the inner chamber of parliament, where wife of Prime Minister Skerrit and Roosevelt Skerrit occupied on every single break, interval or recess of the sitting of parliament on Monday.

Why is Skerrit so paranoid, what is this fear all about, what has Skerrit done, or what is he doing that warrants such insecurity and paranoia ??

Also noticeable in the inner chamber of Parliament are two newly erected security cameras facing only the opposition members side of the Isle…
What is this all about ??
Why are dictators that paranoid and fearful ??

Over the last decade and a half, we’ve seen countless acts of intimidation, harassment and arrest of opposition members:

1. Bogus charge of Coup by truck loaded with a sound system
2. Incitement charges of a former Prime Minister Edison James
3 Arrest warrants for a former member of Parliament Thompson Fontaine
4 We have kidnapping and battery of a sitting Parliamentarian Daniel Lugay, by Roosevelt Skerrit personal security detail, who was at the time in a public road in his private vehicle in his own Constituency of Roseau North which he won and represents since 2014.
5. we have foreign mercenaries invading the dwelling house of opposition Leader Hon Lennox Linton and planting evidence in suitcases picked up by Mr Linton’s security cameras reported to the police, but not investigated by the police
6. We have multiple extra judicial killings perpetrated by the police force
7. We have tear gasing of Salisbury village by local and Regional Security forces ordered by Skerrit one day before the 2019 general election.
8.we have the fire bombing of the late Glenworth Emanuel’s home.

In Mondays sitting of parliament it was revealed that for only July 2019 to June 2020 a sum of
$ 791,055.04 was paid for claims against government in legal fees and settling mediation agreements.

But Roosevelt Skerrit biggest fear is losing power and the visions of spending time in a ” huge hotel “with much more guards than his security detail…that may be the origins of his paranoia.

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