Attorney Henry Shillingford assaulted


Today during quiet protest outside the presidents mansion in Dominica police officers in plainclothes drew automatic weapons and pump rifles on the citizens. They were told that they could stand across the street which they complied. The police officers then proceeded to block off the road from the fort young hotel   to DBS radio. This enclosed the protesters across the street from the Presidents mansion. The officers increased in number most of them with bullet proof vest and military fatigue. The protesters summoned local attorney and activists Henry Shillingford. Henry came on the scene and took the bull horn and made a plea to the president about the rights of the protesters. Less than five minutes into the speech someone said that there was a sniper on a building towards the Parliament building. Henry began to walk in a southern direction on the sidewalk when he  was assaulted by a police officer in military fatigue , pushing Henry into the hedge. He then held onto Henry and escorted Henry away from the scene. As of this report we do not know the condition of Henry Shillingford whether he was injured or not. More news to follow

Video of Henry Shillingford

13 thoughts on “Attorney Henry Shillingford assaulted

  1. Dori Drigo says:

    Pure madness in Dominica, who is this rogue cop? Shame him by spreading this clip lets shame him, Mr Henry should sue the pants of this fake wanna be soldier.

  2. Steven gordon says:

    That’s the second lawyer who hve been assaulted an yet the president sits quietly on the matter the x prime minister is off cause the house off assembly has been dissolved y are the officers doin this to our very own people an yet they say Dominicans this an that

  3. Jennifer says:

    Some of these policemen are out of place Dominica 🇩🇲 belongs to all of us so we have rights to protest as long we are not breaking the law 😢😭 so sad 😞 to see how our country has become!

    • Burnette Raphael says:

      The police are working for the PM.. They are corrupted 100%. The people were only practicing their common rights, our Dominica is a democratic Country !!!🤔😏🙄

  4. A police like you. says:

    Belgrove Charles, this is what politics and underserved promotion has reduced you to? Every dog has its day, your DAMN ASS!

  5. Mike says:

    Dominicans need to grow some balls if after his shift he comes home to a burn down house the next police man will think twice but as usual Dominicans just bla bla bla

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