By A Concerned Caribbean Citizen

On December 10th , 2019 the St Vincent and Grenadines, Ralph Gonsalves took a stance against OAS General Secretary Luis Almagro . Ralph called Roosevelt Skerrit to congratulate him on his victory. There is also enough evidence that elections are repeatedly stolen in the Caribbean. It seems this good old boys club is eroding the morality and ethics of the region . 

Big Ralph has made power get to his head . He has been a loud mouth in the Caribbean who has become part of the growing problem in the region . Many has told us that Ralph is actually best described as a bully . Ralph is now ready to lead a campaign against Almagro’s re-election. Almagro is against corruption and for free and fair elections. Many in the region don’t like that because they remain in power due to bribery and treating. They have remained in power by preying on the poor uneducated people who they continue to trick. 

They are trying to stop Almagro so their agenda for total control of the region to continue to enrich themselves and impoverishing the region can continue . It’s time for the people of the Caribbean to wake up . Ralph Gonsalves is not part of the solution so that makes him part of the problem . He lies about the citizens of Dominica who were fighting for electoral reform . Reforms that the likes of Ralph enjoys . 

Ralph heard here on a public platform openly lying about the Call for Electoral reform in Dominica 

There need to be an awakening of the Caribbean against corruption. There should be time limits of 2 terms for these leaders . There need to be an open, accessible online portal of all government transactions. A anti-corruption body of concerned Caribbean people both local and abroad must be formed to hold all these leaders accountable. 

The likes of Gonsalves think they are monarchs who wants to leave the islands to their children . 

Rise up Caribbean people. These leaders don’t have your best interest in mind. We need to stop being fooled .Read up and learn about Almagro stance. Read up about all these secret deals that are being signed on your behalf . These leaders who scream about Imperialism so you can be thrown off are the first to fly to the United States to have a great time . Not just the leaders but their whole circle enjoy the US and have their children there . They don’t go to Venezuela , Russia or China but they cry down imperialism as a means of fooling and controlling the masses . It’s time to wake up . 

Time for changing  of the guards. The likes of Skerrit , Gonsalves, Mitchell, Browne need to be checked by the people . 


4 thoughts on “WHAT IS RALPH AFRAID OF?

  1. Dee says:

    These scoundrels believe they can control everything and everyone with the unfettered power gained by force. There’s always another Luis Almagro ready to stand up for Democracy and root out this corruption plaguing the region.

  2. Spy says:

    Ralph if you have nothing good to say, keep your donkey out of Dominica’s politics
    Ralph was it a state of emergency when the RSS came to Dominica to do the dirty work of Skerrit?
    Ralph remember the same whip that beat the black hose is the same that will beat the white hose.

  3. Dora says:

    After the Algezerra report and the manner in which the other Caribbean leaders treated Dominican the behaviour of the observers now we know why there was a clean sweep in Greneda’s election Antigua & Barbados they going to work to keep each other in office while not of the people suffer,how long Lord

  4. CONSCIOUS says:

    The people of Salisbury should take the st Lucia government to court for abuse of their civil rights by sending its army to Dominica in time of their election. Then take that money and repair the damage Skerrit has done to that community for refusing to bow down to him.

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