Chairman of the OAS observer mission to Dominica should have recused himself .

Hubert Ingraham and Francis Emmanuel?
It has been brought to our news desk and is alleged that the Chairman of the OAS observer mission to Dominica was in Dominica earlier this year on a cruise and was driven around by one Francis Emmanuel and was entertained by Skerrit and the speaker of the house Alix Boyd Knight . Francis Emmanuel you must remember was allegedly involved in the whole GON Emmanuel incident . We have received documents of  alleged payments to Francis . ( see images below ).The alleged claim back then in 2007 and 2008 , was that Francis was one of the people who was receiving the kick back money from Isidore from GON Emmanuel’ office! His name was featured  on the list

If this is true, how does anyone expect Ingraham to be objective in his assessment of the elections in Dominica ? The people are calling on Ingraham to come clean about his relationship with the Skerrit led Government. 

Ingraham is compromised and his assessment should be null and void .With a simple search and read up on Hubert Ingraham ,one wonders how does this man qualifies to be an OAS observer .

7 thoughts on “Chairman of the OAS observer mission to Dominica should have recused himself .

  1. Dr. Sam Christian says:


    I happened to spend about 15 minutes with the man and his team before our leadership arrived. Mind you, that was before the election. I found him to be flippant, dismissive and lacking the necessary gravitas of someone leading such an important mission.

    • Kalinago Justice says:

      If we remember that man as prime mistake of the Bahamas, one will have to ask how did he become a representative of such organization? What I noticed about most of the leadasship of the Obserservers is that they were all involved in the governance of their respective countries. We all do know what happened in Sierra Leone.

  2. Marcelline Edwards says:

    Shameful he could not separate his personal allegiance to Roosevelt Skerrit and the professional task he was called to do.
    Democracy has no place for double agents as this old hulk of crook.

  3. Shirley Allan says:

    We should send a letter to the OAS I I think 🤔 this was negotiated between Roosevelt and them as a condition of their participation

    • susan says:

      Yes we should reach out to the US on this one as he is putting the name of the US in bad light. He must answer to someone for this. Let’s get to work.

  4. Bernard Alleyne says:

    I was shocked at the news conference, it’s quality and content. The gentleman looked shaken and unprepared for the questions and comments which came his way. I find it appalling that persons would be spent on such missions with work as important as this as part of their responsibility, and that knowing full well the consequences of their observations and reports, that this would have been the result.

    These reps should remember that we are tax paying citizens of member states who pay through our dues towards the operations of these organisations.

    We therefore pay their salaries, hotel bills and more and as such, we deserve much better than this shambles for which they are responsible!!

    Shame on them for not standing up for democracy. Shame, shame, shame!!!!

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