SOS , SOS, DOMINICA is sinking

Follow the Money !!!

Early last week we heard of the seizure of a very large sum of money in the region of US $ 500,000 by police chief Corbette

The logical questions for the police and the people of Dominica are:

1. Whose money is it ?

2. Where did it come from ?

3. Is it the proceeds of illegal drugs ?

4. Is it from the sales of our passport money ?

5. Was this classical money laundering ?

6. Did this money come from a legitimate banking institution or not ?

7. Are there several other such transactions of that nature taking place in Dominica undetected or overlooked by the blindfolded police in the past ?

8 Will our Financial crimes unit ( FIU ) investigate and prosecute this one, or have this unit been fast asleep on many other such crimes ?

9. There have been racketeering detected, announced and broadcasted to the world by no lesser a person than Prime minister Skerrit several years ago, where he asked the then Labour Commissioner to “fix it” ! Did the FIU or CID investigate ? And why did they not ? And was it indeed fixed and if so when and how ?

10. Is Dominica a real democracy, or are we a certified failed State run by a criminal enterprise?

11. Where will that large US $500,000 seizure end up. Will this one be prosecuted without government interference ??

12. Is this money from the proceeds of organized crime of human trafficking, drug trafficking , illegal arms trafficking , money laundering ?

13. Who are the “Big boys” behind this major bust, and will they be prosecuted. Is our Labour party government involved in this ? How long has this illegal transactions been going on ?

14. Prime Minister Skerrit said in the past that he does his transactions by cash, not by LPO or credit. Is this what he was alluding to ? Or is this the classical ” underground economy” where money enters a jurisdiction outside of the countries banking system ?

15. Where are Dominica’s fnancial crimes experts to help us unravel this US $500,000 mystery ?? Where are our brightest best and honest patriots to help DOMINICA navigate out of this ship wrecking murky  waters ?

16. Is this the proverbial money laundering “straw” which will break the back of the camel ?Or is it back to business as usual or unusual ?

SOS, SOS, MY DOMINICA is sinking ….mayday
mayday do you copy, do you hear me ?

Author: Daniel Lugay

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