Imposition of a Dominican Monarchy

Since the imposition of the Dominican Monarchy on a fast asleep citizenry, the wealth of Waitikubuli has been “gravitating outwards” from the national treasury, a new phrase ironically coined by her majesty Melissa, and placed into the coffers of carefully hand picked mercenaries

The famous Panama papers unravelled dozens of shell Companies deceitfully created in the names of infamous characters, diverting millions of Dominican passport sales “diplomatic and ordinary” selling like hot bread in far away lands to crooks and criminals but lately to the lowest bidder.

Dominicans were eyewitnesses to the restoration of the E. C .Loblack bridge at an inflated cost of $5.7 million a venture in the estimation of local experts which conservatively should have been no more than half that figure…but alas a hand picked no bid foreign contractor walked away with multi-millions. Millions which should not have “gravitated outside” the Dominican economy.

While keeping their royal subjects in extreme poverty, the lines at the “Red clinic” on begging Wednesday was a shameful dehumanizing sight to behold, massive crowds mainly attired in blazing red, stood in sun and rain to meet with the Dominican Monarch for a refill for their empty bellies.

Then came hurricane Maria in 2017 the most powerful storm to hit Dominica in living memory.
Indigenous companies waited with baited breath to make a penny from rehabilitation works, but alas the Dominican Monarch “gravitated outwards” to foreign companies with devious undertable connections, and so we saw DOMINICA STRONG, BIG THUMB and the likes, dominating the post Maria landscape with near billions “gravitating outwards” from the Dominican economy.

Then came the world renown Kempinski brand 5 star hotel “they boasted”, national parklands ill advisedly gifted to their co-conspirator. Before the doors could open for a single hotel guest the handpicked “investors” made off with US$60 million dollars and a third infamous Dominican ambassador with conflict of interest connections was in a New York court, demanding his US$30 million share of the loot. Near $100 million in excess of the Kempinski project cost “gravitating outwards” of the Dominican economy, monies stolen in plain sight with the Royal stamp of approval of his Dominican Majesty.

Aware that his Royal subjects were fast asleep, blindfolded and in a state of perpetual drunken stupor, bewitched by the handout of “Labour Party”red plastic bags of Christmas hams and turkeys…, his Majesty decisively went for the BIG one.
He calls it the special housing option of the CBI…a deal made in “Robinhood heaven” …Billions of dollars clandestinely held in foreign bank accounts actual locations only known to Anthony Haiden of Montreal Management and his Royal Highness king Skerrit.

Billions of our dollars from the sale of Dominican passports “gravitating outwards” from the national treasury secretly channelled through bogus charities.The  proceeds were used to charter dozens of high-end jets, turning Melville airport into an instant International Airport for one day before the December 6 th 2019 General Election.  That allowed political mercenaries to receive their free flights from North America. They also got free money in hand, paid for with CBI money which “gravitated outwards” from the national treasury and abused by King Skerrit and his hand picked passport salesman of Royal pedigree.

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