Police pulls guns on citizens

A small group of Dominicans gathered outside the President’s mansion to ask for free and fair elections. As soon as they got to the gate, one officer in military fatigue with a machine gun came to the gate. About two minutes later , an SUV filled with plain clothes police officers jumped out with  automatic weaponry and pump rifles and proceeded to intimidate the citizens. This was a citizenry plea to Charles Savarin for electoral reform in Dominica. If you may recall Charles Savarin was the member of the Freedom Party and the leader of the workers union who shut down the country in 1979 which resulted in the toppling of the Patrick John Regime. This was a very disturbing sight today to see officers jumping out of their vehicles with their guns and intimidating a peaceful gathering. Is this a forecast of what is to come?. 


8 thoughts on “Police pulls guns on citizens

  1. DAPossieMasse says:

    Absolute ignorance and intimidating tactics employer to quell the passion for change. There has never been progress without sacrifices. Unless a person is prepares to pave a better way for their future generations, then that life has no real meaning.

    It is Patrick Henry who said give me liberty or give me death.

    So dem defense force man should remember that they are made out of flesh and blood like every other Dominican. So if they harm their own people how would they feel, who would be there to defend them, when Skerrit take his family with his stolen money and leave them behind and run?

  2. Concern citizen says:

    They can point the gun, but cannot shot.
    They do not have the balls to do it.
    Some of the police are a bunch of scaredy CATS

  3. Marcelline Edwards says:

    Dominica has fallen ill to the mercenaries of her democracy but do not give up my brothers and sisters of this our blessed land, who by reason and strength have stood up to the indignation of foolish men whose only power is in the guns that empower them to kill their own brethren for defending the democracy of the land.
    We stand resolute, without fear of man and only trusting the Most High to chart a way through the parting of the savage waves to safe grounds.
    May God bless our people !

  4. Gerard nibbs says:

    I am in support in the stand for democracy and even more so the sacred right to vote in a free and fair election to select the men and women who will lead my country Dominica to a land of prosperity
    I am so disappointed with Charles Savarin and who once pretended to stand for rights and freedom off the people disguised as a union leader and led thousands off Dominicans to march against the Patrick John regime which resulted in the overthrow of the labor party then , the death off Phillip Timothy ,serious life injuries to M .Dover. A Jean Pierre, Algernon and many more patriotic Dominican whose blood will remain stained to His hands Heart Soul and body.
    I know because I was there-that May 29th 1979 and cared and-rescued many gun shot victims
    I was a soldier in Then Fake leader Charles Savarin army together with the likesof Jennifer astaphan who worked tirelessly building placards for the mass rallies and demonstrations , now that monster is supporting the rogue regime of Skerrit and His Mercenaries to keep
    My people in bondage. Shame shame ashamed Charles Savarin I have lost all respect for you.
    “One good turn deserves another.
    Stand firm my brothers and sisters we shal over come this time come thick or thinGodis on our side.

  5. Chad Royer says:

    Very sad set of circumstances where a mere citizen asks for a motion , only to be responded to with guns. This is not the right way for representatives of a nation to respond and react to its own citizens. While i support a fair election process, i am also in favor of a properly run government with supporting cabinets who will handle specific departments and respond to the citizens through multiple levels. Whats going to happen now is that the use of weaponry by officials will discourage fair and civil tactics and expose the country to civil war and anarchy. Is this what we Dominicans want? My grandfather would strongly oppose this behavior if he were alive today.

  6. Kurt G. says:

    “No weapons formed against you shall prosper” Justice shall prevail. God puts down one and raise up another. I declare Dominica, victory shall be yours. In Jesus name.

  7. Kurt G. says:

    “No weapons formed against you shall prosper” Justice shall prevail. God puts down one and raise up another. I declare Dominica, victory shall be yours. In Jesus name.

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