Dominicans – What are you waiting for ??

by Danny Lugay

Is state sponsored kidnapping going on?
Skerrit personal body guard in plain clothes kidnapped me.
What are you waiting for ??
Diaspora what you waiting for ??
Young people what are you waiting for ??
Truckers Dominica strong get de millions and you get cranana… What are you waiting for ??
Bus drivers Skerrit send you aid bank for loan on top of loan…
What are you waiting for ??
We hearing our brothers and sisters in other OECS countries on their 3rd and 4th stimulus package…
What are you waiting for ??
Nurses policemen, teachers and civil servants is zero zero zero for you
What are you waiting for ?

Skerrit salary increase is only for himself is $64,300 and his rent is $12,000
Yes – that’s what i said…
His cabinet approved a salary increase of
$64,300 and his rental $12,000
Dominicans what are you waiting for ??
De cabinet took a decision to build a prime minister’s residence in Morne Bruce on three separate occasions, but Skerrit already knew that his palace was building in Morne Daniel…so he tell them go to hell with their cabinet decision….
And de rottweiler and all the other 18 ministers put their purchased tail in their backside and let Skerrit get away with his state sponsored mansion
Dominicans what are you waiting for ??
They send state sponsored mercenaries to Mr Linton’s home to kidnap him, with full police escort…
Dominicans what are you waiting for ?
These state sponsored mercenaries were armed to the teeth with instructions to take Mr Linton out…
Dominicans what are you waiting for ?
In broad daylight Michael Sebastian under supervision by deputy chief Corbette kidnapped me on the Morne Daniel main road….a member of parliament driving in his constituency .
They backed up their unmarked vehicle into the driveway of prime minister Skerrit in an attempt to frame me and  show that I was trespassing !

Was their plan  to murder me as a trespasser?
But God had other plans….he forever watches over his own
Sebastian viciously ripped me out of my vehicle by the hand, grabbed me by the waist of my pants, manhandled and shoved me into a private vehicle, but God  confused their diabolic plan to assassinate me when they came to realize i was not alone.
Then honorable Lennox Linton stepped out of my vehicle like the champion that he is and asked chief kidnapper Michael Sebastian what was going on…
This was a nasty surprise to him and his gang of kidnappers, who thought that this was the end for Danny Lugay…

But both Oliver Totos Walsh and Hon Linton stood their ground while Skerrit personal body guards and mongoose gang tried their best to intimidate them and to get them to leave the main road where I was kidnapped.

Dominicans at home and abroad
What are you waiting for?
Truckers, bus drivers, contractors, builders….Dominicans who are second class citizens in your country, its now or never…

Policemen, nurses civil servants firemen…
What are you waiting for ??

Today is mine…I was kidnapped..I am an elected member of parliament representing the largest constituency on island and instructions were handed down from the top to kidnap and make me disappear – a sitting member of parliament…
So they will not think twice to kill you…
When they came for Salisbury with their tear gas , live bullets and machine guns
you said you are not from Salisbury so you let them spill innocent blood in Salisbury…and you did nothing

When they came for hon Linton at his home with their state sponsored sub machine gun mercenaries, you said you were not the opposition leader…so you did nothing
They took me by force with their shot gun and sub machine guns
Were it not for witnesses I would have disappeared without a trace
Dominicans what are you waiting for
In Martinique and Guadeloupe I see dissatisfied people parking their vehicles on bridges, in the town, and demanding change…

Dominicans what are you waiting for?
For Mr Linton, Mr Hector John and myself to disappear for ever?

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