A Billion $$ Dollar Business

There is a billion dollar Dominican passport business which does not come under government oversight…

Finds its way outside of Dominica’s treasury…

Does not make it into Dominica’s consolidated funds.

Is secretly controlled by Anthony Haiden and prime minister Skerrit…

Is kept in an offshore account outside the scrutiny of parliament and even cabinet…and is allegedly subject to extreme abuse by Haiden and Skerrit.

Uncovered by the investigative eye of hon Lennox Linton when in the 2018 / 2019 budget debate he attempted to match the number of passports sold as reported in the official gasette against reported figures in the budget estimates and found a gaping hole of mega million magnitude.

Unexplained to date by the Skerrit regime despite several empty promises to explain and clarify the whereabouts of the missing money, it has now jumped to in excess of 2 billion $$

How could that happen with accounting officers silence or consent, as well as other checks and balances required of Dominica’s constitution

Is Dominica a failed state??

Even in parliament the highest court of the land, successive speakers of the house have conspired with the labour party regime to systematically block probing questions of the  parliamentary opposition ,which would expose gross abuse of public funds finding its way in private accounts

While there seems no end in sight, Skerrit has gotten more brazen in his abuse, with the most recent decision of a conspiring cabinet which surprisingly approved
$64,300  for an alleged rental of a Morne Daniel mansion as residence for prime minister Skerrit, even though the vast majority of Dominicans believe the true owner of the said mansion to be Skerrit.

The builder and alleged “owner ” being the Dominican passport salesman and partner Anthony Haiden who is joint signatory to the offshore passport account hiding the proceeds of sale of Dominican passports which rightly and legally belongs in the Dominican treasury

We the people demand accountability and will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law all involved in this cover up and abuse of public funds.

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