Dominica Needs a State of the Union Report From The Leader

Last week the world watched Donald Trump deliver his state of the union address to America, it was a spectacle to behold! By all accounts it was a parody of lies, which the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi found so egregious that she tore it up after the presentation.

When asked why she did it she replied.”It was the courteous thing to do considering the alternative.” She called the speech a manifesto of lies,that represented Trump’s state of mind and not the state of the Union. 

I have been wondering what if Roosevelt Skerrit was required to give the Dominican people “A State of The Country Report?” What would this report read? Could Roosevelt like Trump look Dominicans in the eye surrounded by his enablers who are aware of the reality tell Dominicans the state of the country is strong? Would they be still cheering for Roosevelt as the Republicans cheered for Trump? 

Dominica deserves better. Roosevelt needs to TRUTHFULLY answer some important questions, here are some of them.

1.What is Dominica’s actual debt?

2. What are the employment figures?

3. How is the economy doing?

4.How about the CBI? 

5. How long will it be sustainable for?

6. What are the returns of the investments of the luxury hotels? 

7. What’s going on in tourism?

8. What’s going on in Agriculture?

9. Anything on manufacturing?

10. How is healthcare?

11. Can he assure retirees that their social Security benefits will not be affected in any way?

12. Has Dominica reached the resilient goals?

13. What are they doing about saving the environment?

14. How do they plan to address the infant mortality problem that was revealed in the latest report?

15. What do they plan to do about the uptake in crime?

16. What about fiscal responsibility, and addressing Government waste?

17. How are they going to deliver all the promises in their manifesto?

18. What they plan to do to sustain Dominica’s economy in the event of a CBI Collapse? 

19. What can they, or will his Government do to bring the country back together after this very toxic and divisive election?

20. What really happened to the missing $1.2 Billion?

21. How is the housing program doing? All recipients are happy in their free, new houses? 

22. When can we expect to see the new city that you and your Parliamentary Rep. wife promised to Dominica? 

23. What’s the budget for it?

24. When can we expect the completion of the much anticipated International airport? 

And while he is at it could he please explain to the nation what he means by ““Government needs the money. We have to put things in place and urge those who owe, to pay up,”?

25.. Is the country that broke and the Government must scrape every penny they can come up with?

26.. What happens if they do not pay by Ash Wednesday?

27. Is it true that not even the dead or dying will escape the taxman, and the PMH administrative staff are digging up old files looking for who is owing PHM? 

Give Dominica a “State of the Country” address Mr. Skerrit just for kicks! Maybe Mr. Linton will take the pleasure of doing a Nancy Pelosi after listening to your manifesto of lies too. I dare you to tell Dominicans the truth!

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