Have you ever wondered why Tony Astaphan is in the position he is today? Is he really a puppet master? What do we really know about Tony? Did he pull of the ultimate con in the Caribbean? Why is he so hostile and envious towards Dominicans of academic brilliance?

It is alleged that Tony may be responsible for the  University of West Indies implementing the ID system to do exams. It is also alleged that while Tony should’ve been studying, he was busy in Barbados liming and had people doing his exams for him. It is also alleged that Daddy Whaddy had to send Dermott Southwell to baby sit him in Barbados so he could at least graduate.

Tony Astaphan went on to graduate from UWI with a C average. It is also alleged that he barely passed the bar exam. It truly makes you wonder how a C student ( almost a duncecat) gets to be where Tony  is today pulling the strings behind the scenes in Skerrit’s government. Have you also stop and think why is it that Tony Astaphan has never been in government? Why is he not a minister in Prime Minister Skerrit’s Cabinet after all these years ?

Many years ago these questions were answered but maybe gone unnoticed.  The short version of the story is Tony’s father was a Dutch citizen and Tony and his sibling held Dutch passports. They never wanted to give up the privileges that came with that Dutch passport.  Here is the interesting part , Dutch law prohibits dual citizenship so technically Tony cannot hold a Dominican passport .

So did he give up Dutch passport ? Does he hold a Dominican passport and if he does what problems does that create ?

This is what we found “Tony’s Dutch citizenship precludes his service in the Assembly, which provides us with the answer to that nagging question about why he, or any sibling, is not in government in Dominica.”

Yet this man comes on Dominica radio and insults Dominicans. It is obvious that Tony hates black people especially black men. We wonder why ! He insults Dominicans and calls them roaches . It’s even alleged he fed some Dominican women dog food and bragged about it . Tony is a despicable man ! He repeatedly violates lawyer/client privilege by leaking confidential information.

Why has “barely passed the bar C student” Tony been allowed to run unchecked in Dominica and the Caribbean as a whole ? Tony is undeserving of these so call “ achievements “ . This is a situation of a silver spoon given by daddy , wealthy family and foreigner privilege. It’s time the Dominican people check Tony . His style of insulting the people , on radio ,especially learned black people has to stop.

Let’s encourage our children to study and work to achieve their goals – not cheating or buying doctorates . This cycle of slavery and begging WILL end .

We forgive Mamo for unleashing that wretched soul Tony on Dominica. She was the one who made him a senior counsel.


  1. Dee says:

    Product of the social ills in Dominica Society. That entitlement mentality still prevalent among the bourgeoisie. Somehow, despite the privileged upbringing, the one thing he sought seemed to have eluded him.
    He now suffers from an inferiority complex and is now lashing out at those who showed great aptitude for study, an ardent and enthusiastic spirit, and unquestionable talent. … something that money can’t buy.
    As a result, this bitter, uncouth bigot continues to terrorize Dominicans .

  2. Kalinago Justice says:

    If we as a people were United for a just cause and not still enslaved, lil toli wouldn’t budge to open his pit latrine to spew waste!!!

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