By Hon Daniel Lugay

Will civil servants accept zero zero zero while Prime minister SKERRIT funds his 2019 Election budget campaign to the tune of $80 million dollars.

Is it really true that the national treasury is broke but the labour party is liquid.

Policemen, Nurses, Teachers, Firemen, Port workers did you see the lavish obscene $1 million dollar spending every weekend for almost one year before election date, where there was a US$100,000 artist, Buju, Donnie, or just name your highest priced entertainer on the planet…. Labour party could afford them, and is zero zero zero for you…

Policemen you were used to commit crimes against humanity in Salisbury when you shot innocent citizens, teargassed sleeping babies and senior citizens while they were fast asleep in their beds and now you accept zero zero zero as your payment…

Civil servants are you blind to the red hot Labour party headquarters bought and refurbished at a whopping $5 million dollars…but where labour party get that kind of money??…and you accept zero zero zero.

Nurses…nurses, those who are left behind to mourn the loss of scores of nurses migrating due to unimaginable frustration and low wages, did you notice the loaded ferries of drunken clappers with their bottles of black label scotch whiskey, off to every highly populated Caribbean capital with diaspora Dominicans who would later be ferried to Dominica to keep you in your same miserable work condition.

Staff of customs, port and security services were you witness to the dozens of high priced chartered jets, turning Melville hall airport from a ghost airport until Election day was announced and then voila…

Melville hall became an instant INTERNATIONAL airport lined up with half a dozen jets at a time…but whose money paid for that ?? And why would you accept zero zero zero.

Teachers are you aware that $millions of dollars was being parcelled in brown envelopes and dispatched to all 21 CONSTITUENCIES on and before polling day to bribe and pay off voters….are you willing to accept zero zero zero.

And even after 18 Constituencies were stolen in broad daylight , SKERRIT is brazen enough to bring down Busy signal and another half million dollar artist in your face….to celebrate his outrageous stealing of the 2019 election…what manner of monster is this that “we the people” have created by our two decades of tolerance….

How is it possible that a treasury is broke and cannot give an increase in salary to it’s civil servants, but can easily fund an $80 million dollar 2019 Election campaign…

Are we Bewitched?
Are we stupid?..
Or is it that we just love our PM


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