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The Dictator and his Darlings in Parliament?

In any other country in the world if your coworker or employer calls a woman darling at the workplace that would be grounds for filing a sexual harassment complaint. But in Dominica all women in Parliament are the dictator’s darlings. It was quite a feat, a historic milestone to have eleven women in the Parliament […]

Mr. Speaker Joseph Isaac Makes his Debut in Parliament

Oh dear, the long awaited spectacle is finally here! Joseph Isaac takes his seat as speaker of the House of Assembly, he now controls the chambers, so to speak!  Notably one of his first dishonest and hypocritical acts is to applaud the former speaker Alix Boyd Knights as a very objective speaker. They say a […]

Dominica Needs a State of the Union Report From The Leader

Last week the world watched Donald Trump deliver his state of the union address to America, it was a spectacle to behold! By all accounts it was a parody of lies, which the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi found so egregious that she tore it up after the presentation. When asked why she did […]

The dictator flexes his muscles and it begins to rain on every one!

Well,that didn’t take long.Looks like the cash shortage in the treasury necessitates that the man who runs things look for cash wherever he can find it. It’s a pity he can’t ask for refunds of the tens of millions he spent on his campaign. But his desperation in search of cash begs the question again. […]

The Future of the United Workers Party/ Opposition Parties In the One Party State and what’s at stake!

Before and after the December 6th 2019 elections which many now argue was a mistake to participate in, there has been much debate about who should lead the United Workers Party (UWP).The calls for the leader Lennox Linton to step down after the elections grew louder.Will he? Should he? If he does, who will be […]

The One Party State Dictatorship that Dominica Has Become.

 “It is in such twilight that we all must be most aware of change in the air — however slight — lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness.” Justice William O. Douglas  In a letter to an Anglican Bishop  John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton, 1st Baron Acton, 13th Marquess of Groppoli wrote.  “Power tends to […]

Reviving Democracy in 2020: What is to be Done

As we wish a happy new year and peace, love and prosperity for all our Dominican people at home and abroad, we must take note of what it takes to revive our democracy. The first step is a recognition that too many Dominicans have allowed themselves to be deluded by placing their faith that some […]


Prior to the December elections in Dominica, we heard the saying it was a fight for Dominica’s soul. Obviously we lost that fight for Dominica’s soul. Most of us were left with a feeling of detachment, some of us went into resignation, meaning we gave up. We blame each other, we occupy our time with […]


“The difference between amoral and immoral- they both have to do with right and wrong, but amoral means having no sense of either, like a fish, but the evil Immoral describes someone who knows the difference and just doesn’t care” There was a time in the Caribbean where our grandparents and foreparents were very deeply […]


It was about 2 years ago Skerrit confirmed that a contract was signed for Stock Farm indoor sports facility. It was another empty promise of a modern, energy-efficient multisport complex . There were promises of jobs, enhance sports tourism and development of world-class professional athletes. Skerrit and his gang of promise experts and  liars told […]