A 3rd November insult

So on November 3rd you will issue a call to your nation in your expensive suit, to come together, let’s unite…

On November 3rd as you have done in a decade and a half of boldface hypocrisy….
Calling on an abused nation to come together…

Just one week before 3rd November 2020 in the highest court of the land , the nation’s parliament, Roosevelt Skerrit aimed his abusive vile tongue at a newest member of parliament, a woman, a mother, a nurse, a wife, a Kalinago queen, and in the most degrading and vile fashion, Dominica’s dictator unleashed a most savage attack on Senator Sanford

Laughing and grinning were all the members of the government side, while the prime ministers wife Melissa Skerrit, also an elected member of parliament was earwitness and eyewitness to this vicious attack by her husband

Reginald Austrie the self named rotweilder vocalized his approval of this vile attack while other mobsters on the government side of the parliamentary isle grinned their teeth in twisted approval.

A parliament of shame and disgrace, where two weeks earlier in a Commonwealth Parliamentary Association training held in the very sanctuary, the hypocrites raised their hands and solemnly promised to uphold the highest standards of this honorable house.

But alas….what we have is a mob, a cartel, a gang of politicians bought with blood money, willing and proving to be voluntary slaves to their purchaser in chief

And so Dominica’s parliament has sunk to the lowest gutter led by a serial violator of our constitution , a wanna be dictator whose citizens has allowed him to getaway with outrage after outrage, untill a few Balas and Congoray arise from their sleep to extricate this satanic cult.

One thought on “A 3rd November insult

  1. Dee says:

    Skerrit and the other males in this regime are a bunch Misogynistic chauvinist pigs. The idea, there are females in that camp, who sit by and are not appalled by their behaviour and denigration of women, speaks to their own low- self esteem and self loathing.

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