by Nept Pacquette

I call on my people of Grand Bay to give support to the patriots fighting for free and fair elections in Dominica.

The Prime Minister has exercised his constitutional authority and announced the date for the next general elections in Dominica on 06 December 2019. Unfortunately, he has done so without ensuring that we have electoral reform in its basic form i.e.,

(1) ensuring the list of registered voters is cleansed and 

(2) we have ID cards for voting.

These two basic requirements can bring us closer to realizing free and fair elections in Dominica. This is the mandate that the Electoral Commission has failed to honour.

It is also part of the list of recommendations from all regional and international bodies such as the OAS, CARICOM, the Commonwealth Secretariat and the United nations. Above all, it is the desire of the people of Dominica.

In light of the stubbornness and arrogance of our government, who has refusing to listen to the cry of the people, some patriotic Dominicans (not necessarily UWP supporters) have mounted a non-violent protest in continuing to call on the authorities to listen to the patriotic cry of the people. But alas! the obstinacy of the authorities remains evident. 

The people are not at war with the police. They are peacefully gathering in the capital city of Roseau to send a clear message that the status quo is unacceptable and that he present situation is not right for holding general elections. 

Therefore, I call upon my fellow constituents- irrespective their political leaning, to give support in any way that they possibly can or better yet join the patriots in the peaceful struggle to free Dominica.

This is not about UWP or Labour. This is about what is best for Grand Bay and the common good of our beloved Dominica.

Throughout history, Grand Bay is known as a community of people that stands for and will fight for justice and freedom. 

Therefore, guided by the spirit of the Neg Mawon that lives in all of us, I call on you the people of Grand Bay to join the fight – not for a political party or for a political official but for your betterment and to secure a brighter future for the children of Dominica.

The people of Grand Bay must join the people of the rest of Dominicans to fight for democracy in Dominica. 

We must put country and community before political party.

I urge you- my people to give your support to our brothers and sister who are standing up against injustice in Dominica. 

I Love You 

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