The Future of the United Workers Party/ Opposition Parties In the One Party State and what’s at stake!

Before and after the December 6th 2019 elections which many now argue was a mistake to participate in, there has been much debate about who should lead the United Workers Party (UWP).The calls for the leader Lennox Linton to step down after the elections grew louder.Will he? Should he? If he does, who will be bold and courageous enough to take the mantle? What difference will that make?

UWP got into the elections with six elected candidates, with the whole deck of cards stacked against them they left with three. Marigot, Roseau North, and Salisbury. They lost Roseau South, Wesley, and Roseau Central previously held by Joseph Issac who defected to the Labor Party. Notwithstanding the methods labor party used for this outcome, the reality is this is the results. 

Most surprising of all was the defeat of Joshua Francis in the Roseau South constituency. No one saw this one coming. This is one of the seats that the Labor Party would dance with the devil to get back, and they did dance with the devil to get it back. The same can be said for the Roseau Central seat formerly held by the UWP stalwart Norris Prevost who passed it down to Joseph Issac who turned Judas and crossed over to the Labor party. 

Now this seat is safely in the pocket of the Labor Party in the person of Skerrit’s wife Melissa. These two seats are vital in the Dominica political power play. Now that the Labor Party has regained them, the chances of UWP regaining them again are slim to none. It would take some extraordinary events for this to happen. 

With Joshua Francis bowing out of the political arena the prospect looks even grimmer. It is going to be very, very difficult to find replacement candidates for the UWP. Not many people would care to subject themselves to the political cesspool of Dominica having seen how toxic that atmosphere can be. The Labor Party will destroy anyone who dares to show up for that duty just like they have done all others. Their ruthlessness cannot be underestimated.

The same can be said for constituencies where other candidates lost their bid. Monelle Williams cannot run the St. Joseph seat again, we can safely say her political career is over. It is unlikely that Ezekiel Bazil will run again, neither will some more who contested the last election.The new candidates who joined the party during the last election cycle may or may not remain, especially those who were not made senators.

To the newly appointed UWP senators Anette Sanford of  Salybia Clément Marcellin of Vieille Casse Francisca Joseph of La Plaine Ms.Ernie Jno.Finn of  Castle Bruce, we wish you all the best, but we must caution you that your task will be daunting, prepare yourselves for what’s to come in Parliament under the speakership of Joseph Issac..This is not going to be fun!

To Honorable Lennox Linton, you have shown your resilience and fortitude, you know what to expect, this phase is either going to break you or remake you. To the supporters of the UWP this is going to be the true test of time for you! Will you remain loyal to your party no matter what? But then again you only other choice for now is to join the Labor Party train, as I expect some of you to do as a means of survival. Interesting and grim time in Dominica! We MUST face reality!

The bottom line is that Roosevelt Skerrit and the Labor Party are more emboldened than ever, for good reason. They survived all the scandals, they still have control of the media, the Government machinery, and the support of Caribbean Government. They still have all the institutions including the church in their back pockets. They still have free unfettered access to state money and other resources, and the support of a dangerous cult behind them. Who can stop them now? What can stop them now?

The United Workers Party, (UWP)  did the best they could with what you had, the task to beat Roosevelt with all the odds against the party was insurmountable. We all hoped that they would succeed but those of us who were paying attention knew it was a long shot! We also knew that if you did not do it this time, it would be much more difficult the next time.  

It is quite obvious that the main goal of Roosevelt and the Labor party was to kill all opposition forces in Dominica and more so the main United Workers Party (UWP) did they succeed? Apparently defeating the party at the polls 18-3 was not enough for them. Lennox Linton after much speculation was sworn in as opposition leader today, on the Apocrypha bible, but , as we speak they are plotting to destroy what’s left of the opposition. There were even rumors that they were looking at the possibility of installing  their own opposition leader. 

It will take tremendous will and sacrifice to save UWP from this diabolic dictatorship in Dominica. How many have the will and the resilience necessary to make that sacrifice? This is no way an exercise of pessimism on our part, on the contrary we sincerely hope that we could paint an optimistic picture for the sake of Dominica, but we have to deal with the reality. Reality is Reality! All the same we do hope for the sake of Dominica that the opposition survives! 


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