by Zead Lloyd

I am not interested in political power nor all these fictional alliances in Dominica. Here is  what I truly desire.
I want a government that engages in more consultive and less discursive utterances.
I want a government that involves and consults the people before decisions are taken and one that involves the people in the decision making process.
Yes, I want a government that will have the visions to establish a state of the art TRADE SCHOOL so that as a country, we can begin a trajectory of education that mimics the awesome German model.
I want an end to the NEP PROGRAM as currently structured and operated. This is a waste of time, effort, and human resources. Too little., too minimal returns.
I want a government that would build a quality Trade School that would give our young people the financial assistance that is currently given to the NEP participants.
I want a government that focuses on the next generation of tradesmen and tradeswomen, which would guarantee a brighter future for our people. A project that possesses the potential to expand our tax base.
I want a government that will seek to promote and market that technical Trade School through an online protocol that makes access to training easier to a broader mass, thereby enabling the institution to add income towards its maintenance.
Yes, I want a government that would enact the FREEDOM OF THE PRESS Act that would force the management of DBS Radio to ensure that they have programs that represent all views in society-for and against the government.
I want a FREEDOM OF INFORMATION Act that enables legal ramifications from its breach.
If, we were to continue with the CBI program, I want some of the monies generated to be allocated to the acquisition of DOMLEC and to consolidate that company with DOWASCO into a super public energy utility company that will focus on a national and unified energy and water strategy aimed at reducing our carbon footprint by commencing a solar panel and small windmill leased program.
A real energy plan that is catered for our lower-earning citizens in the society, thereby enabling them to meet their basic energy needs at more affordable rates.
In fact, by making that energy utility company, we will not have to price service on investor stock worries. This would enhance our overall energy situation from stressful to comfortable.
This would result in increased potential for more attractive investors, which would result in lowering of our cost of living index.
That energy utility company would also be responsible for turning our water resources into a national product, wherein our water sales will benefit the country and not individuals.
Yes, if there is one thing that Dominicans should take to the streets for is to ensure that no private company – moving forward will ever become the chief beneficiary of our water resources.
I do not care how much our people say they love their Prime Minister. We should never make that happen in Dominica.
I want a Police Service that returns to what it used to be i.e., supervised by an efficient Board/Commission that is constituted by criteria of law and not by partisan considerations and prerequisites such as a DLP card-carrier.
I want an extension of that awesome concept of “Yes-we-care” program, where government allocates funds for the welfare of our seniors. A program with a more neutral process for accessing government assistance instead of having the Prime Minister involved in seeking to gain personal and political benefits. The Prime Minister’s ego cannot be feed as the master provider and fueled by personal recognition for the social services rendered and paid for by the government. That abusive and compulsive personality disorder must come to an end. The state funds do not belong to the PM.
I want a recreation of the original mandate given to the Public Works department with the added expansion geared towards being a part of the Trade School aforementioned so that internships can be done in real, practical world situations. That new Public Works would also get some financing from the consolidated fund as it would be the central public utility with a fleet of high-tech equipment that serves and benefits the entire country. The new Public Workers will be well equipped to assist farmers at a minimal cost and will be fully activated in times of disasters etc.
I also want a government that would purchase at least two (2) frigerated agricultural boats that would serve our farmers by transporting agricultural produce to foreign shores at minimal costs.
I so badly need a government to give the nation a timeline for an effective health plan beyond just constructing a hospital. A health care system that would reduce the need for foreign medical interventions.
I want an investment fund that serious young entrepreneurs can access the same kind of capital that the well-known businessmen repeatedly benefit from. A government that will ensure that it brings the funds of the state to the hood.
I want legislation that would strip Economic Citizens of indigenous status and voting rights.
I want a real productive economic sector with cannabis legislation that aims to empower instead of this tomfoolery grams and trees policy. I personally find that the Prime Miniter and his parliament to be developmentally disrespectful to be introducing to parliament such a backward/non-progressive piece of legislation in 2020. The youth population should have revolted at this non-visionary legislation.
I want to see a national initiative that prioritizes the completion of low-income homes that were battered by Hurricane Maria. This program that if done right can be an injection to the local economy with a multiplier effect.
I want a focus on the production of natural foods with nutritious value, based on the principle that people must buy and consume local foods rather than depending on imported foods, a real program that buys local produce from our farmers for feeding our underprivileged with good nutritious foods.
I also want a more short-termed rotation for our ECSC judges. As it stands today, Dominica’s model seems to be casting doubt over the inaction of the Chief Justice in ensuring a more ordered rotating door policy for judges.
I want proper safety and transportation measures for our first responders. Too much vocal accolades and not enough policy initiatives.
I want a 70-30 national employment policy on the books that ensure indigenous priority in the construction sector. No more promises.
I will not even ask for Electoral Reform. I believe that the nation has been played for too long on this issue. It is time for the people to light some civic fire under the Prime Mister on this issue.
As for the International airport, I know we need it but cannot afford it. I want the people of Wesley and Dominica to challenge the Prime Mister on his way forward for financing that airport. If the financing is the Kempinski-like method, I say stand up to him to abandon that plan.
And lastly, I want us to establish an emergency disaster fund of US $300 million to help kickstart the economy after any major natural emergencies
Just part of my vision for Dominica and what I desire

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