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Dominicans – What are you waiting for ??

by Danny Lugay Is state sponsored kidnapping going on? Skerrit personal body guard in plain clothes kidnapped me. What are you waiting for ?? Diaspora what you waiting for ?? Young people what are you waiting for ?? Truckers Dominica strong get de millions and you get cranana… What are you waiting for ?? Bus […]

Of Palaces, Poverty, and the Paranoid

  By Poetic Justice Humility is beautiful to behold and truly majestic. Vanity, pride, and arrogance are ugly cousins and go before the fall. Such are the lessons of history. It is August 2020, and Dominica is still limping along after the ravages of Hurricane Maria. Truth be told, we are happy that the strength […]

They took me into the Lions den, they roughed me up

By Danny Lugay They took me into the Lions den, they roughed me up…held me by the back of my pants…they shoved me into a private vehicle..and drove me into the Lions den “police headquarters” Guns were drawn.. shotgun…two police officers were assigned to hold me hostage Delroy Julien was one of the officers…he in […]

Is Dominica a military state ?

Dating back to hurricane Maria and even tropical storm Erica if my memory serves me right, it seems Dominica has permanently transitioned into a military state. Ordinary traffic duty, road patrols, security near Roseau market, city patrol, every duty of Dominica’s Police force is now conducted in full military attire or what the army calls […]

Skerrit is provoking civil war in Dominica.

Dominicans have sat by passive, blinded to the evolution of a despot preoccupied with hoarding his millions and preserving his election legacy. In 2015 Dominica was struck by Tropical storm Erica a devastation unseen before by way of water damage in the Commonwealth of Dominica. Unlike David, the category five storm of 1979, all Dominicans […]

State Assets Being Privatized

State assets are being sold off at supersonic speed. It’s privatization of state assets on steroids. Before Covid 19, we saw state lands illegally hatched off from national parklands with the illegal blessing of the nations parliament minus the opposition members who then raised the red flag and cried foul… while the giant Kempinski snatched […]

The Objectification of Women and the Queenly/ Royal Status that Comes With it

When I was in college I did a woman’s study course, and I was not the favorite student in the class because my views were contrary to the majority of the students and the professor herself. It is time for women to put a stop to being defined by our bodies, looks and our willingness […]

Corruption a none issue for the Caribbean, just go to Mama Mia!

In May of 2015, at a party in London launching her campaign Baroness Scotland  introduced Roosevelt Skerrit to disgraced former Nigerian oil minister Diezani Allison Madueke, it is alleged. He issued her with a diplomatic passport six days later. At the time Madueke was under investigation in Britain over allegations of corruption.Support in her bid […]

The Post Election Analysis Paralysis

“Paralysis in decision-making breeds frustration and contempt from the electorate, and provides the perfect seedbed for demagogues who fill the vacuum with populist simplicities, hatred of opposition and lies.” Dominic Grieve If it was not obvious that the political scene in Dominica was brutal, now you know. It can destroy careers, reputations, friendships, health, families […]


There is a massive unspeakable shame and cover up rampant in the Dominica’s high offices. It’s called child SACRIFICE. Parents sacrificing their daughters for the love of money. Daughters giving up their pride and dignity for personal or family favors. “the sacred temple” has become the stock exchange for sexual abuse bothering on crimes against […]