The Wickedness of Wickham and Dominica, the new Bajan Colony

by Balla Congaray 

If there was any doubt that Dominica is now a formal Bajan colony, the role of Wickham and the Bajan puppet masters confirmed it. The Bajan ascendancy over the Skerrit gang of useful idiots traces its lineage to one Hartley Henry. Henry was El Supremo’s Chief of Staff who engineered the rigging of Dominica’s elections from 2009 onwards. How did he do it? Simple. Secure a steady stream of money laundered passport money to afford his fees and trot out a host of enablers to consolidate the regime on Dominica.

Enabler of the regime # 1.

Wickham. Cadres led by Wickham would tally opinion and tweak it to prove the regime was popular. The poll would also implicitly demonize the opposition. That demonization would be spun out relentlessly on the dominant state media until it became gospel. The masses, more and more dependent on government favors and employment would then cling to the regime as the only lifeline to salvation. The enablers would produce gospel singers and prophets to sing praises to the idol. The pollster as Gospel was born again.

Enabler # 2

The Barbarian Barbadian contractors came in the baggage train of Wickham and Hartley. They sucked on the tits of the income from Dominica’s passport economy. That income was then laundered in projects with Barbadian contractors as the main beneficiaries while Dominican contractors withered away, starved of project income. With little or no private sector, the Dominican contractors, engineers and architects who had not surrendered their integrity to the regime, could only look on while the gravy flowed from Dominica’s plate to the Barbados pot.

Enable # 3

The mystery Ross University Medical School deal maker is lurking in the shadows. Ross University was developed on Dominica over forty years with tax breaks and other incentives in the millions. The benefits of that wealth now resides in Barbados. The mystery hand is concealed perhaps in the thicket of a motley crowd of pollsters, campaign contractors or student housing providers in which El Supremo has an interest.

There you have it. So Supremo has based his brains in Bridgetown because the self respecting Dominican intelligentsia has abandoned him because his rule is crookery exemplified. No intelligent, honest and patriotic Dominica can lay down and be buggered by a bevy of Barbadian colonizers. He presides over our ruin island, surrounded with praise makers, and horn blowers clad in red. Resplendent in the power of a victory purchased with looted passport money. The masses are happy – that is until the hangover wears off and the poverty into which the ruling Emperor has plunged our society is really appreciated.

So there you have it. Our well watered and fertile island is now the first colony of Barbados. Bravo!

As taught us by history, the colony exist for the benefit of the Mother Country. The mother country acted most brutally to protect its puppet and colonized island. Barbados led the Regional Security System (RSS) troops that inflicted terror on Salisbury on election eve in a manner unprecedented in the history of the Caribbean region.

Never had troops from any grouping of Caribbean nations gathered to aid a dictatorial one party state in winning a rigged election. They protected the ferries and aircrafts which disgorged thousands of bribed overseas voters unto our island to steal an election.They were the Caribbean SS bodyguard who saved the new born king.

Immediately after huddling with his handlers in Bridgetown, Caricom, the OAS and Commonwealth all bleated the gospel according to St. Supremo. That his December 6, 2019 election was divine and just fine. That it was free and fair. The same organizations which had laid out the electoral reform recommendations as a condition for free and fair elections, now had no problem with elections conducted without those reforms.

A deal has been struck without the knowledge of the Dominican people to consolidate the new colony. Such a gullible people are unworthy of independence.

They laugh at El Supremo behind his back and secretly mock his nouveau riche pretentiousness. They are not his friends. They are only after what they can get as they stuff their coffers with their ill gotten gain.

Your independence my dear Dominicans is now no more. Independence must be toiled for. It must be protected by wise effort. No serious civilization has ever been built by jesters clowning around in costumes running around aimless in the hot sun.

All the honor and glory is now leached from your national song. Do the right be firm, be fair is now a fiction.

The national pledge is now to prostitute our passports to greedy peddlers and hungry hyenas who take 90% and leave 10% to the state.

Where is the 90%? Much of it is now Bridgetown bound where the the brains of the regime of looters now reside. Mind you, the Barbarians in Barbados who cuddle him and share the passport money given them by El Supremo do not sell Barbados passports. They are too smart to engage in such a fool’s errand. Better to have the foolish sell their own nation and pass on the proceeds to us as “professional fees” or contracts. No true Dominican patriot would ever accept that. Too many on Dominica, sadly, are willing to accept the crumbs.

Comfortable in the embrace of its crooked colonizing concubine, the regime has laid bare the regional integration it intends.

One cannot integrate weakness into strength. The stronger side wins.

One cannot integrate stupidity into intelligence. The intelligent side wins.

One cannot integrate a hop-scotching skirt chaser with a chess master. The chess master wins.

Nature abhors a vacuum. By yielding good sense to the ideology of sewo and indolence, the Dominican enablers who “elected” Skerrit betrayed their nation.

With our nation weakened, the predatory neighbor and its posse of enablers colonized their weak neighbor.

May a new Dominican patriots movement be born that will redeem our lost nation from this modern slavery.

Wickham, Henry and those hiding in that motley crowd, you cannot conceal your perfidy forever: we see you. History will be most harsh on the unkind hand you have dealt our country. Enjoy the proceeds of crime and your new Dominica colony while it lasts.

Do note that the Barbados Barbarians are not all Barbadians. In fact it refers only to the bandits among you who have done Dominica wrong by aiding and abetting a criminal enterprise as a government over our people.

The sun shall one day rise on a better Dominica, free of hyenas and colonizers who pretend to be our friends.

One thought on “The Wickedness of Wickham and Dominica, the new Bajan Colony

  1. Dee says:

    This must be taken to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) . It’s obvious we’re not going get any support from the region. Time to rid Dominica of these blood suckers!

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