Watch your manners Dictator, Don’t Invade My Personal Space! No I Won’t!

They say a picture tells 1000 words, and sometimes you come across one that says, figure this out if you can. 

This pic of Roosevelt Skerrit and his BBF Mia at some official meeting/function with onlookers around them says just that, so let me try. Are they trying to look into each other’s souls through their eyes? It is a look saying I dare you? I am depending on you?

Rarely do you see a couple at such close proximity looking into each others eyes this way except when Pete and his husband are on the campaign trail. 

I am in no way suggesting that something romantic is going on between Roosevelt and Mia, but I didn’t know better, I could make that suspicion. 

Romantic possibility aside what could it be? One could argue that it is just a dominant posture of a dictator asserting his power and control. Mia has little space to maneuver. It Looks like Mia is trying to look into Skerrit’s eyes to send a cue, but he is not letting her. She is cornered, That expression on her face seems to be saying open your eyes, look me in my eyes! Don’t lie to me Mister. No I can’t do it! Mia seems to be onto something. She will not be seduced by the dictator! 

In any event Roosevelt Skerrit needs a lesson in manners and personal space, you just don’t do that. After 10 years going onto 15 years as the Prime Minister of Dominica one would expect some basic show of manners and professionalism. Still so lacking in Roosevelt Skerrit.

So here is your lesson Skerrit. Observing boundaries in the is important to maintaining professionalism. You cannot be so close to the lady that it appears you are touching her breast, and breathing over her. Apparently she is not comfortable with that, but is embarrassed to tell you so, or sensitive that she might hurt your feelings.

Roosevelt apparently cannot help himself, just the unmannerly dictator of Dominica. 

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