Time for an Audit of our Millionaires

I am calling on the Integrity In Office Public (IPO) to fulfill it’s mandate and with immediate effect, conduct a financial audit of all Dominica’s Millionaires who created/ amassed/appropriated unto themselves, wealth, properties, investments,and monies, to the tune of multi millions unexplained and inconsistent with their legal income for the years beginning 2004 – 2020.

The IPO would be derelict in their duty if they did not do a financial audit of Legal income versus the millionaire properties of Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, Reginald Austrie, Rayburn Blackmore, Dr Collin Mcintyre, Dr Kenneth Darroux, Melissa Skerrit, Denise Charles, Mirium Blanchard, Floyd Capitoli, and Emanuel Nanton

A second tier of Millionaires to be audited with immediate effect, by the fast asleep (IPO) are all the salesmen/ saleswomen and “hucksters” of Dominica’s passport – for – sale program, turned into a monumental desecration of our sacred birthright and patrimony.

These include but not limited to every single lawyer past or present who served on the Electoral Commission, where there was apparent collasal conflict of interest to the tune of mega millions, flashed in the faces of ordinary Dominicans, yet invisible to the blind folded staff of the (IPO).

The “who is who ” list include past and present chairmen of Dominica’s Electoral Commission respectively Gerard Burton and Duncan Stowe. Lawyers Alick Lawrence, Lennox Lawrence and Condwani Williams.

Hoteliers, investors, overnight businessmen, passport vendors, led by Anthony Haiden, Steven Issidore, Collin Mcintyre, Bubbles and the infamous “golden crab” Resort in the North … or “Lilac colored Villas”,Tranquility Resort’s overnight businessman. Ivor Nassief, Gregor Nassief, Sam Rafael,

All of the above Millionaires by and large and for the most part with few exception, have one thing in common, and that is their wealth, their millions was amassed/ created”legally or illegally” from the proceeds of the sale of Dominica’s passport and Dominican Birthright during the period of the reign of king Skerrit in the years of our Lord 2004 to 2020.

I am therefore now calling on the Integrity In Public Office (IPO) to fulfill their legal mandate to launch an inquiry ” A financial Audit” into these persons in public office, or sitting on national commissions or brokers of our sacred birthright, to establish whether or not their legal income matches the excessive wealth displayed by Dominica’s Millionaire class of 2004 to 2020

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