Just about 19 years ago Roosevelt Skerrit came into Dominica’s political life. He was a young man from Vieille Case with potential who agreed to be a Freedom Party candidate but with the offer of cash and a car turned turtle and ran for the DLP.
Not satisfied with being made a junior minister he was willing to sell his soul to his opponents just to become a full minister. All that mattered to him was the money to be made and nothing else. The DLP after providing him transportation also had to make a collection to buy him a suit to wear.
Yes these are the humble beginnings that would usually have someone willing to embrace opportunities but never forget their roots and remain humble. 
Fast forward to nineteen years later and several scandals all involving corrupt acquisition of property and cash, we now have a man no longer young but who traipses all the way to Hong Kong to have fitted suits made for him. Jet sets to Dubai for questionable deals and obtains sexual favours in Macau from ambassadors appointed by him for a fee or deal.
When you thought that was enough or some tinge of conscience would take hold, this person now tells his supporters that he can afford to insure his family and fly them out if they fall sick but they cannot do the same.
Yes, he is as bold faced as that. The servant is now master. So he has taken the farmers off their fields and have them hustling for tourists on the bayfront or lining up at the red clinic. He took the landlords at Ross from being independent and progressive to being dependent and grovelling. While this is happening, he has secured himself and wish he could walk out of politics and enjoy his stash but is fearful that the functional immunity he enjoys as Prime Minister will be no more.
So now he is trapped between the devil and the deep blue sea with little room to maneuver, except for the fact that he has a huge election war chest funded by the opportunists who benefited from the abuse of our passports for private gain.
As the noose slowly tightens, he will get more and more desperate trying to avoid the inevitable demise that awaits. All the kings horses and all sycophants cannot put him together after the fall. It will get more and more lonely as the time reveals the certain defeat that awaits. 
Dominicans have always been a proud people who held their leaders accountable. Skerrit has tried to take that pride away and turn many into beggars. Now is the time to teach him a lesson he will never forget. Election day is the day we finally see the truism of 99 days for the thief and 1 day for the owner take shape. If you really love Dominica and are independent, vote this evil, corrupt regime out. 
To those labourites who love their party and want to see its values returned, this is your last chance. You cannot allow this unstable and insecure man to continue taking advantage of you while making excuses for him. Get rid of this albatross around your necks. Vote out corruption!!!!


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