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THE SHIRLEY ALLAN TRILOGY : Remembering Christmas in La Plaine 

Author : Shirley Allan

There are many Dominicans in the diaspora and even back home who can recall the good old days of christmas time in Dominica. Obviously ,change is a must and things evolve. However there has to be maintenance of certain aspect of  our culture. Christmas preparations and celebrations is a major aspect of Dominican culture that has slowly decayed.

If you cannot recall the good all days of Christmas in Dominica Shirley Allan captures her memory of Christmas in her  Village of La Plaine . She wrote a children’s book which she calls “The Shirley Allan Trilogy.” The focus of this review is on one of the stories “Remembering Christmas in La Plaine”

The story is brief and to the point but captures all the details of the events of Christmas in the Village. The story is so vivid that you can picture the imagery that goes with the story. The book has a few well done illustrations to enhance her tale .

Shirley Allan states that she wrote this book, because these stories reside in her heart and she wanted to share them . Its a method of leaving her memories behind for her grandchildren and all other children of Dominicans who did not get the opportunity to enjoy Dominica the way it was. This is her  tribute to her my village of La Plaine in beautiful Dominica.’


Book: Shirley Allan Trilogy

The book is available on Amazon – CLICK HERE TO GET THE BOOK 



  1. Pierre Colaire Adopted Son says:

    Shirley Allan is an original thinker and patriot. She challenges the brainwashing machine led by Tony Astaphan and useful tools as Parry Bellot who forgot passion fruit juice making and other more productive things to become minister of propaganda for the passport selling prince. We salute her sense of duty to do right by our imprisoned island which is yearning for liberty.

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