The Post Election Analysis Paralysis

“Paralysis in decision-making breeds frustration and contempt from the electorate, and provides the perfect seedbed for demagogues who fill the vacuum with populist simplicities, hatred of opposition and lies.” Dominic Grieve

If it was not obvious that the political scene in Dominica was brutal, now you know. It can destroy careers, reputations, friendships, health, families and even minds. It can make the foolish look smart, and the smart look foolish. It can get you paralyzed too. 

There has been a lot of analysis and punditry going on since the December 6th election. Many had a very hard time dealing with the outcome. The most loud and passionate voices on the opposition side suddenly went quiet, friends turned to foes, the blame game continues, in some cases justified, in some cases not so.  

Understandably people defected from the political scene completely, feeling the need to refocus their lives on other things. Some say they are leaving but still hanging around, hoping that they will see a clear way forward. This clear path is way behind the horizon in a  country that is more polarized than ever despite the offer of the olive branch. Some say it was a poisoned chalice. 

Political paralysis and partisanship is like an eerie cloud over the nation, with Roosevelt Skerrit and the labor party gang hovering over the nation in the dark clouds. Their silhouettes menacing over the nation, taunting the citizens saying inaudibly “Catch us if you can.” 

Meanwhile the leader of the opposition is unceremoniously in court facing his charges of incitement with no fanfare and no protest. Khan and Company cashing in big time. Everything is working just as the dictator planned.

The moaning and groaning continues of Q95, the stories of victimization and discrimination are plenty, the boots that were on the ground during the election are back in the closets, Labor propaganda websites went in hibernation until next time. Everyone seems to be in survival mode. CCM back in their shell?

Coronavirus is not a threat because the country is well equipped to deal with an outbreak the officials say. Haitian tuberculosis patients escape from “The Chinese Friendship Hospital,authorities say they cannot be located. 

Allegedly public servants are not being paid, but they do not seem to mind. Lentang has been properly defanged, probably not kissing the donkey, but playing with its tale.

Kempinski not doing as well as anticipated, what was thought would have been a cash cow is said to be cash strapped and struggling, but don’t say that to Robbie Tonge. 

Still no answer on the whereabouts of the $1.2 billion. Citizens don’t see the point of asking anyone, they have resigned themselves to the idea that it is gone forever so just leave the dictator alone. As his supporters said, it was his money any way, he could do whatever he wanted with it. 

The Al Jazeera diplomatic passport story is dead, the  British mercenary Terry Baron story is dead. All stories of sexual molestation, and domestic violence dead. All stories of corruption are dead. Things are back to “NORMAL” its business as usual in dynamic Dominica.

Election matter in court, let’s see about that. If you have been observing the history of such matters in the courts, you would not bet your chances on a favorable ruling for the opposition, unless something miraculous happens. 

The dictator is gaining ground despite the abysmal economic situation, despite the troubling signs. Conditions are getting worse than it was before the elections. Promises remain unfulfilled, what people thought was the case is not. Those who dare to speak openly express their disappointment and disillusionment, but the majority suffer in silence. 

They still hear nor evil, see no evil, speak no evil even if they are feeling the heat.The party continues nonetheless and everyone is having fun without a care in the world. The show continues while the opposition forces are locked in analysis paralysis. Admittedly, it has to be difficult to break from the paralyzing effect of the last election.  


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