The Night Dominica Wept

By Luke Skywalker

For those who don’t know, Dominica is not some inert land mass devoid of a soul. As a born Dominican, not a fake ambassador, I have always felt Dominica to be special and deeply spiritual place suffused with a haunting beauty. So , when plunderers have pillaged her riches, Dominica feels it. She weeps.

On the night of Saturday November 9, 2019 Dominica could not take it anymore. Dominica wept. And not even all the famous songs by a struggling Midnight Groovers amidst the Misty downpour could dry her tears. Our brother Chubby, the leader singer tried to scream “Labour” but it came out all squeaky and tired.

The doctor from Love University India tried to soak up the rain with red confetti, yet Dominica kept weeping.

The frantic organizers then trotted up pretty little girls in fluffy ballerina costumes, yet Dominica kept weeping.

El Supremo next  brought out his darling children in fine costume, both dazed by the spectacle, yet Dominica kept weeping.

Then, in the clutter of red umbrellas under Dominica’s tears, Melissa and her attendants came on the wings of a song. It could have been “Don’t cry for me Argentina” ..sorry “Don’t cry for me Dominica,” yet the downpour kept pouring on.

The Big Chief grimaced. Reggie apologized and said “even though some of all you vex with us, give us a chance nuh.” He almost said “give us another chance to broo broo you” with monkey tricks and mamaguy. The tears from heaven kept pouring.

At that point Melissa started crying too. She looked to her parents for help. But this time the two shop keepers  could not be her Valentines. They could not help her. They just stood there and stared, wondering to themselves “But what makakwee we be in there nuh?” Quickly, they looked around to see if they could find Robbie Tonge – the former candidate for Roseau Central of the Big Red Machine – but Robbie was no where to be seen. For insurance, Robbie had gone away, far from the glamor, to hook-up with his boys in the hood.  

The Grand Lodge idol looked around, frantic with despair, at his minions on the stage. They all wore long faces. Sad that the curtain was coming down on the majestic majee show made-up to fool  the masses with glitz. His red shirt, flecked with gold stars, shimmering under the hot stage lights, the fallen God reached under his chair and pressed a button.


Confetti shot up to into the night sky, dousing the crowd near the stage in a cloud of red specks.

Blam! Whiz! Bang! 

Look! Soaring into the heavens behind the Windsor Park, as if to frighten the real God, was a cannonade of fireworks. The fireworks came in all colors: Red, orange, yellow, (but not blue). 

“Fellas look at that! He cried, deep dimples right on time,  showing his glee. “UWP doesn’t have that though. You must vote for us. Look at all that fireworks I buy cheap in China for you!” The Idol smiled, certain that he had fooled the people again to get 5 more years.

The crowd was lukewarm. The night was clammy and cold. The dead hand of defeat touched many. The people started muttering They started drifting away.

What koshionee that? The people were beginning to think for themselves: many clinics have no roof. Some of our people live still in tents, two years after Hurricane Maria. Goodwill School still in ruins. The Public Library, the only one in the land, still roofless. The hospital in Marigot  still closed. And you give us a circus in red lipstick?

That Saturday will go down in history. 

The night Dominica wept and all the mascara and other makeup on the nice face melted. It melted and all could now see the sores inflicted on our land. The cancer of greed dressed up in Gucci costumes could not be hidden anymore.  

All could now see how  the financial resources of our once fair land was being washed down the drain. The government overdraft at the National Bank now in excess of 100 million dollars. Precious money wasted on spectacles, majee, loud music and mamaguy just to win another turn at governing after 15 years of scary leadership.

 Let us vote out the rascals who ran Ross University all the way to Barbados with their bosom buddy Hartley who brambled them!

We must never let our Dominica weep because of our irresponsibility in keeping a useless government in office. A government that wastes the people’s money on circuses, where they are not putting it in offshore accounts in Panama and other places. Let us stop the weeping. 

Let us unite in love, team work and wise effort. Let us dry the tears of our nation.

According to the son of the man who, by dint of industry, brought us Domfruit agro products years ago: Let us make Dominica smile again.


14 thoughts on “The Night Dominica Wept

  1. Bevsp says:

    This whole thing was Hollywood style… was the cozy dance….woman wants to be held man just there! Is that chopped liver! This lavish display was unnecessary. The monies could be used more meaningfully. Finally, from my match box psychology view…..these kids need help. I think maternal granny and grandpa need to rescue them before it is too late. Or maybe older aunt. They look VERY unhappy…such cuties.

  2. Deon Philbert says:

    Protection: Visit this dwelling oh guardian i beseech thee, to drive far from it all snares of the enemy.
    MAY thy holy nebu abide therein and guard us in peaxe.
    And may thy holy nebu be with us always through ATUM-RE, ATUN-RE, AMUN-RE. I give thee thanks oh mighty guardian for all your benefits who lives and reign world without end ATUM-RE, ATUN-RE, AMUN-RE. OH MY ANCESTORS I THANK YOU FOR HEALTH, OH MY ANCESTORS I THANK FOR STRENGTH,OH MY ANCESTORS I THANK YOU FOR BAAH BAAH YANANAN, OH MY ANCESTORS I THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING ELSE. I THANK YOU, I THANK YOU, I THANK YOU . ATUM-RE, ATUN-RE, AMUN-RE..

  3. Christian Volney says:

    Aye Dominique…
    How much longer must you suffer?
    1.2 Billion Dollars being squandered, stolen from you by a thieving criminal called Skeritt and his Family Party!
    The Land cried last evening and the people were finally seeing the true nature of this thieving Cabal!

  4. Dominica first says:

    Funny did not say that it has been raining all week, every night. It was like any other night in the nature island is

  5. Blue wave says:

    This is absolute garbage to the lowest! You allowed your imagination to take control. Why didn’t you put your real name behind this article if you’re so sure of what you write? Come December 7, we shall see who will be weeping. Answer this: which people drifted away? why were they still there in the rain, lightening and thunder? Not forgetting when Taurus Riley took the stage.

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