by Tomba Picardo

They came from all over the Caribbean to support their  brother , the dictator Roosevelt Skerrit at his swearing in ceremony today in Dominica.

These are the same leaders who sent the RSS to teargas the village of Salisbury for four straight hours affecting the elderly , babies and  women. They are yet to apologize.These are the same regional leaders who told lies to their publics about what was going on in Dominica when concerned citizens were fighting for electoral reform.

You can see Gaston brown sitting there smog. But if you remember this is the same Gaston Brown in 2014 who was begging the Antiguan public to get there National voting card. The same voting cards the Dominican  people were crying for in 2019 and many years prior.

Ralph, the big fella from Saint Vincent  can be seen sitting holding his umbrella. The poster child of gluttony and the epitome of unhealthiness. The same Ralph Gonsalves who insulted the Dominican people in a speech that he gave on the Leeward side of Saint Vincent crying down the protesters in Dominica. Ralph looks like he should be in church asking for forgiveness. He doesn’t look too well .

You see these leaders all got electoral reform and all the things that they wanted  yet they have deprived the Dominican people of the same ask.

The region is becoming a bed of corruption because there are bullies in the leadership position who do not want to relinquish power. They sit  there in Dominica well dressed like the new overseers they are . I am sure they will be dining at the state house  at the expense of a dangerous Dictator , Roosevelt Skerrit. They will be eating the bread of sorrows.

The fact that they are there ,shows that they condone what Skerrit is doing . They condone  his attack on innocent people and blatant stealing of elections. All of them including Skerrit are mute on the Al Jazeera report .

We hope the Caribbean people are taking note and getting ready to take back the region from these greedy selfish leaders !!


  1. Jaco of Layout Flat says:

    Sad but true. The leaders today of our Caribbean are modern pirates mostly. None are possessed of the integrity of a Dame Eugenia Charles or Michael Manley. None can fit in the shoes of a Dr Eric Williams or Errol Barrow. They are waxing fat on plunder and are apologist for Skerrit who has done no wrong. He sold no diplomatic passports. He stole no elections. He did not disappear 1.2 billion dollars. He can do no wrong. He is the idol of the ages who presides over a failed state. History shall harshly treat those who betrayed our once fair land. Regional Security System now a tool for our oppression and the for of our liberty

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