The Gangster Regime and the Goons that Guard Them

by Negre Mawon Cometh

The savagery meted out to unarmed Dominicans by Dominica police at the direction of Roosevelt Skerrit on Monday April 12, 2021 will long be remembered. This was the day policemen lost the respect of the people when they kicked, cuffed and stamped on protestors supporting a bus strike. The striking bus drivers had no arms. They beat no one. They were merely driving slow in morning traffic to emphasize their disgust that government had done little to mitigate their economic hardship. While it is true that Covid 19 has affected our economy it is also true that:

1. The Skerrit regime caused an estimated $3 billion dollars to be placed outside the Government Consolidated Fund. Skerrit’s friends and family control billions of state funds. Meanwhile Skerrit and company live lives of opulence while Dominicans get crumbs. Skerrit where is the nation’s money?

2. Skerrit has chosen to build a $12 million dollar palace and charges the government $64 thousand dollars per month to live in his own home. Meanwhile the average civil servant earns about $2000 per month.

Listen to this song which has relevance to greed, corruption and opulence in government.–_HU

3. In March of 2021 police discovered $1.3 million dollars hidden in a home of an employee in the Ministry of Labour. The allegation is that those monies were the proceeds of crime – to include human trafficking and forged work permits. Minister of Labour Blackmore has not resigned despite this scandal being a product of thievery under his ministry and committed by his corrupt minions.

4. During carnival season 2021 a young man was killed in police custody – the third such extrajudicial killing in three years by local police. Up till now there is no trial of the officers implicated.

5. The contracts for 95% of all major contracts in the country go to Skerrit and his gangster friends, with kickback galore to what Al Jazeera News called the hungry hyenas government led by hyena number one Skerrit.

6. The Skerrit ambassador of the Seas by the name of Paolo Zampoli sues for his millions. Why is an ambassador of Dominican suing for millions? Zampoli said he was afraid his money disappeared in the Dominica Bank in Switzerland. When did Dominica set-up a bank in Switzerland? Skerrit how is a foreigner suing for millions of Dominica’s money? Skerrit has never explained what appears to be criminal activity disclosed by his own ambassador Zampoli. Only in a country run by crookery from President Charles the Crook Savarin and Crime Minister Skerrit can such madness reign.

6. The economy is in tatters, not because of Covid 19, but because of persistent plunder of state funds by a self-dealing gang presided over by Skerrit.

The above misrule cited, the killing of persons in police custody, the revelation of laundered funds in the Ministry of Labour corruption scandal, a plundered economy, and the illegal placement of state funds in offshore banks have upset the country. Now police in Dominica, guns in hand, batter and bloody unarmed protestors and bus drivers who stand up to criticize the regime.

The people, already angry over government corruption and blatant theft, are now beaten up by those sworn to protect and serve. The regime has turned the police service into a goon squad to beat down citizens who stand up for their rights. It was so predictable. We saw it coming. Gangsters need goons to guard them. The lawless regime have corrupted the police service, sadly turning too many into goons. There you have it.

We ask all honest policemen and women to join the resistance and disobey orders to brutalize our citizens. Policemen and women must stand for their people not the pirates in power. The pirates in power are bound to fall and nothing can save them.

No dictator can last forever. Dominicans must stand up against the dictatorship.

We want peace. But without justice there can be no peace.

Let us chant down Babylon until freedom and prosperity comes to our beloved.

Bob Marley has told us what we must do, as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr taught us well

Skerrit and his culture of corruption must go!

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