Stop Victimizing Kalinago People

by Anette Sanford
In his desperation to continue misleading the indigenous people of Waitikubuli, the Prime Minister has found it fitting to rush to the Kalinago Territory to do damage control after one of our young Kalinago Professionals was sacrificially placed under the political gilotin last week. 
A stance only the Cabinet of the labour party will conceive.
  • Is he going to say he never knew of Dr. Thomas’ contract and pretend to be the problem solver after he created it?
  • Is he going to offer us $20 while others get hundreds? 
  • Is he going to apologize to Cassius for the humiliation in Londonderry in the presence of family friends and supporters and still having been forced to endorse his replacement ? 
  • Is he going to tell us why others get very decent housing while we get plywood match boxes with no running water far less for toilet facilities  in this new Dominica that the Dominica Labour party has been touting of? 
  • Is he going to tell us the status of our monument?  
  • Is he going to tell us why he pays 60 thousand to put up flags while our people continue to suck the salt that the baroness brought us from the UK?
  • Is he going to reimburse our 10 million from the CBI funds?
  • Is he going to ask our despondent people to come to the Red Clinic on Wednesday or collect more invoices for handouts?
  • Does the Prime Minister of this country have a different  understanding of what people empowerment is?
I’m further comforted every day as I traverse our community that the people of our constituency are far more focused than five years ago and the haste to pull wool over our faces will pay no dividend to this crashing self-destructing  administration.

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