State Assets Being Privatized

State assets are being sold off at supersonic speed. It’s privatization of state assets on steroids. Before Covid 19, we saw state lands illegally hatched off from national parklands with the illegal blessing of the nations parliament minus the opposition members who then raised the red flag and cried foul… while the giant Kempinski snatched several acres of the once “untouchable” national parkland.

Fast forward a few months after a vote catching, nation bamboozling, fake opening of the very Kempinski, ominously and ironically resembling the failed Layou River multi million dollar scam and state robbery of proceeds of Dominican passports….just now on a near billion dollars scale.

Parliamentary opposition leader Hon Lennox Linton shared with the nation for the first time in his 2019 / 2020 budget response, the illegal privatization of a near billion dollar “outward gravitation” away from the national treasury by one man and his handpicked co-conspirator, of resources rightly and legally belonging to the people and treasury of the Commonwealth of Dominica. The proceeds of which is the birthright and passports of the people of the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Recently, some prime state lands are mysteriously finding new private owners with close connection to the sitting Labour party bosses.

Before the 2019 National Election we heard of the sale of the site now housing the Public Works department. Then we noticed the Fort Young Hotel expansion project moving further south ominously close to the boundaries of the public library.

In even more recent times, residents of Roseau North took note of a portion of land near Felix Lane and the Goodwill Primary school, adjacent the hardcourts, either being sold, rented, leased or given away.

The Nation is taking note and taking stock of the careless manner in which state assets are being treated as personal property of one man and thus solemnly resolve that on the day of reckoning, reparation will be sought to the fullest extent of the law.

By Hon. Daniel Lugay

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